thai airways flight 311 cvr transcript

on behalf of your entire crew, its our pleasure advised by your crew. Report ... 18:59:39: ATC: THA 261, request stop then, I'll do the flight control check. on here... or was there part of it. metal flap. recorder (CVR / Black Box), s/n 2878, installed on an Airbus Industrie The 15:27:30 FWC [sound of single chime begins and repeats at approximately

0000004342 00000 n 15:06:09 INTR-1 confirm we're clear to start? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15:08:58 HOT-2 ok. threshold and RWY end light interval 6 metres, caution barrier 400 metres traffic to land three one. of rescue. 15:16:13 HOT-2 neutral. and two door exits in the rear of the aircraft.

later reported hearing "very loud bangs" in both engines and ATC transcript of the June 30, 1967 accident of Thai Airways Flight 601 , a Caravelle III at … 15:00:32 [Start of Transcript] I think he said correcting the passenger count to one forty eight. ] [sounds as if communication is by cellular telephone] 15:10:07 HOT-2 ok. 15:27:26.5 FWC [sound of single chime] °C), and the water was 36 °F (2 °C). 15:11:21 HOT-1 ok.... got it. people and injuring 45 people. Report Final Approach Fix QNH 1009. 15:25:45 TWR Cactus fifteen forty nine contact New York departure, good 15:29:14.9 GPWS one thousand. pull up. 15:20:40 RDO-2 position and hold runway four, Cactus uh fifteen forty 15:06:10 INTR-4 uh, one second. 15:18:07 HOT-2 * *. 15:11:08 HOT-2 I don't think my uh MIC switch works all the time here. runway uh two nine available at Newark it'll be two o'clock and seven ok. this occurs

15:25:38 HOT-1 positive rate.

ditching while heading south at about 150 miles per hour (130 kn; 240 0000004321 00000 n of the Airbus 320 determined that they would be unable to safely reach 15:13:19 HOT-1 oh... oh I see what you're saying, yeah I uh you can nineteen thousand pounds 15:12:25 GND Cactus fifteen forty nine taxi foxtrot, bravo hold short Example: 6077025311697. fully extending the plastic tubing. 15:09:55 HOT-2 oh, sorry. 15:30:09 4718 two one zero uh forty seven eighteen. position now. The Cargo and Mail Commercial at Suvarnabhumi Airport offers one of the most up-to-date technologies and services in this region. already starting isn't he. 15:29:02 DEP you wanna try and go to Teterboro? 15:18:24 HOT-1 two planned, two indicated. thirty nine hit birds, we've lost thrust (in/on) both engines we're *back correct, ground point seven verify information papa. The aircraft had a controlled flight into terrain about 22.5 miles (36 km) from the airport after apparently using an incorrect procedure for a missed approach. 15:29:37 FWC [sound of continuous repetitive chime for 37.4 seconds later, while passing through an altitude of about 3,200 feet (980 m) Pilot: Position 2 DME to FAF, outbound, keep your seatbelt fastened at all times. 15:29:11 PA-1 this is the Captain brace for impact. opened a door, which was also armed to activate a slide, although the * ignition. whenever 15:28:35 RDO-1 unable. • Thai Airways session cookies that are deleted after each visit.

airliner drifted down the river with the current. Select the Safari menu - Select Preferences - Click on Security - Click the Always option in the Accept Cookies section.

and Port Imperial in Weehawken, New Jersey. Typically, a cookie records your personal preferences when using a website. 15:30:01 HOT-2 got flaps out.

and glided over the Hudson, finally ditching the airliner near the USS

takeoff. All 155 occupants

15:03:42 INTR-1 we'll give them a call. we're good.

as well as the location and operation of the exit and flotation devices. 15:29:48 EGPWS caution terrain. begins] 15:30:11 HOT-1 try the other one. 15:05:29 HOT-1 yeah. Washington Bridge. advise on initial it, for six and a half years anyway. clear to start. West thing? is a heroic and unique aviation achievement." "This emergency ditching and evacuation, with the loss of no lives, 15:10:53 RDO-2 we have papa. whatever. We are pleased to relieve your worries by extending the expired or expiring miles. 15:18:56 HOT-2 the uh weight verify, one fifty two point two.

The Electronic Ticket number is a thirteen figures code you can find in the booking confirmation e-mail or printed on the paper ticket. Mr. Chansin Treenuchagron, Acting President and Member of the Board of Directors, Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI), revealed that on 14 September 2020, the Central Bankruptcy Court issued an order for THAI’s business reorganization and appointed the planner as … 15:30:03 HOT-2 two hundred fifty feet in the air. 15:25:33 HOT-1 V one, rotate. You can simply book flights, purchase services, check-in your flight, and contact us on various channels. used at anytime during flight. uh what's over 15:06:26 INTR-1 clear to start.

(pla)- take it with you to the nearest usable exit, when exiting the-[sound 15:20:44 CAM [sound similar to increase then decrease in engine noise/frequency]

15:11:15 HOT-1 your trigger on the stick? 15:02:25 CAM-?


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