the pink fairy armadillo answer key
In particular, its main food source are ants and larvae. They also have small eyes and a flexible dorsal shell. It’s the tinniest species of armadillo in the world and uses its surroundings not just for habitation, but to hide from many different threats. 1. Any modifications in its environment, external temperature, or diet are known to trigger stress response, which is considered to be a possible reason for the failure of captivity attempts. 2. Oddly enough, on the black market, many of these mammals have been sold as pets.

Especially considering their sensitive nature to the environment they inhabit. Lastly, the use of pesticides on farmlands is a huge concern because these pesticides adhere to ants, which are the armadillo's primary source of food. Overall, there are only three reports of captive maintenance of pink fairy armadillo that are considered successful – in 1970, 1985, and 2009, reporting individuals to live in captivity for at least 30 months, 22 months, and 8 months respectively. They are elusive and rarely ever seen by humans, and among the least known and studied armadillo species. In addition to farmland destroying burrows, the use of pesticide can impact the mammal. The ant has a small biomass and so that is why the Pink Fairy armadillo only gets a small amount of toxin. Fish & Wildlife Service, Pink Fairy Armadillo – Little, Pink, Armored Fairies, Pink armadillos ain't your Texas critters,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles with Spanish-language sources (es), Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 October 2020, at 16:33.

A thin dorsal membrane is what attaches the shell to the armadillo body. Field sightings were confirmed to be rare and less common than before, even though pink fairy armadillo is already difficult to observe due to its nocturnal fossorial lifestyle. It is connected to the body with only a thin membrane, which runs right along its spine. [11] Armadillos that are put into captivity typically do not last longer than a few hours or at most 8 days. In fact, not a single specimen has survived more than 4 years. This is what gives the pink fairy armadillo shell its pink or pale-rose appearance.

[5], The pink fairy armadillo is 90–115 mm (3.5–4.5 in) long, and typically weighs about 120 g (4.2 oz). It also resides in sandy plains and dunes.


[12] In spite of the high mortality rate associated with captivity, many are sold illegally on the black market, often as pets. stream

2. plains b. very large; enormous f. 3. stable c. set apart; different; special a. Farming activities have generally been pointed to as the main factor impacting the pink fairy armadillo population.

These mammals have experienced a drastic drop in population over the past few decades. Mariella Superina a biologist managed to capture this behaviour in a video below. The pink fairy armadillo is classified as a subterranean armadillo[4] that is extremely sensitive to environmental changes and stress. Plus, if it gets its fur wet, the pink fairy armadillo can’t properly thermoregulate and may develop hypothermia in the cooler hours overnight. Also, many of the armadillos have died during the transportation process from their wild habitat, and many more have only survived several days in captivity.

A blue whale’s tongue weighs as much as an adult elephant.

It has a torpedo-shape which reduces the amount of drag when burrowing underground. However, their low survival rate in captivity has greatly impacted that practice. Scientists believe the pink fairy armadillo shell helps with thermoregulation. These two species are morphologically similar: both have notably reduced eyes and reinforced forearms that support enlarged digging claws. There is a sole record for the longevity of a pink fairy armadillo that was held in captivity more than 4 years; however, that particular case lacks proper scientific description and thus cannot be considered fully valid. [8] This species is the smallest living armadillo and is among the least known. Since the underlying blood vessels are so close to the surface, the animal can control the amount of surface area exposed to the environment in order to gain or lose heat. As its scientific name, C. truncatus, suggests, the fairy armadillo is truncated; the rear of the carapace is vertical, and the animal uses it as a flat plate to plug the entrance of its burrow. 90-115 mm. If its fur is wet the armadillo cannot properly thermoregulate and could experience hypothermia during night hours.

Once above ground during a rainstorm the armadillo is subject to an array of predators, which can easily get to it since it is not able to burrow back to safety.

[5] Night temperatures in Argentinian plains can get very low, and since the armadillo is nocturnal it needs the fur to conserve heat while it is being active outside its burrow. [6] Later, the separation of fairy armadillos subfamily from their tolypeutine sister-group was estimated to have occurred 32 ± 3 Mya. x��ZK����W���,R)�a@����l�!�)O,f�^��^$�"�ݛ��,����ꫢ�L�O�&7�~\��߸��_�1���Nn��?��O�ӼL��� �_N���8-��� KZ�����_N�>���Iw��_���SH������O?����yvp ��_���3_�g�\�˳[�o���/�����3�����Lk�QNģ�*J��7�8�[�ep�.����vw����i�֕���´e�fR�޹�7�j���n�)^Ψ{������_�������g4���� � |�ѯŎ�D[�a#S�n�z������=�>& H ���I��߼��^. [7] In order for them to survive and maintain stability, they must occupy undisturbed places that contain sufficient amounts of compact sand and hiding places. A cheetah can go from 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. It lives in scrubby grasslands that display a variety of thin Larrea and Portulaca shrubs during spring and summer periods. <>

[5], This armadillo species is found in several protected areas, including the Lihué Calel National Park. However, it also has some rather unfairy-like qualities. This mammal is nocturnal and solitary with a diet that is primarily insects, worms and snails. [4] Pink fairy armadillos are found less commonly than they were a few decades ago, and the field sightings have been rare and incidental. [5][13] Habitat loss is also a large issue for these species. %PDF-1.4 Due to its subterranean lifestyle, the armadillo is forced to leave its burrows when heavy storms roll in due to the threat of drowning and the risk of wetting its fur. Pink fairy armadillos have a silky fur that is yellowish-white in color. Pink fairy armadillos have small eyes, silky yellowish white fur, and a flexible dorsal shell that is solely attached to its body by a thin dorsal … [3] This solitary, desert-adapted animal is endemic to central Argentina and can be found inhabiting sandy plains, dunes, and scrubby grasslands. The pink fairy armadillo has this characteristic as well, but its shell is much softer and more flexible. However, there is an opinion that the antiquity and uniqueness of pink fairy armadillos would be best accounted for by retaining the subfamily Chlamyphorinae. Along with these unique traits, the pink fairy armadillo has greatly reduced eyes and relies highly on touch and hearing to navigate.

The average high temperature during the warm season would be near 30C with the cold season reaching just 15C. [3], Fairy armadillos are currently classified within the subfamily Euphractinae according to the reference taxonomy by A.L.

... ANSWER KEY Armored Animal by Guy Belleranti Match each vocabulary word from the article with the correct definition.


If these insects and invertebrates can't be found, plant leaves and roots make a good secondary dietary option for their underground lifestyle. The conservation status of the pink fairy armadillo is uncertain, and is listed as data deficient by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. [4] The Mendoza region has both warm and cold seasons, and likewise, a wet and dry season. 3.5 inches (90 millimeters) – 4.5 inches (115 millimeters). The armadillo has two massive sets of claws on its front and hind limbs help it to dig the burrows in compacted soil very quickly. The pink fairy armadillo uses a different strategy. Chlamyphorinae subfamily was found to show phylogenetic affinities with the clade Tolypeutinae, which became a significant step to define the previously completely unknown phylogenetic position of this armadillo subfamily within Cingulata. Since its blood vessels are so close to the surface, the armadillo can control the amount of surface area is exposed to the environment to gain or lose heat.

The pink fairy armadillo also eats various plant parts, but will only resort to vegetation when other food sources are not readily available.

{�����R�!�pN�!��l�Q8��JU�I� ���N=$f�E]�. Many in the Americas continue to hunt armadillos for consumption, which is said to be similar to pork in texture and taste. This is dependent on the environment and thermoregulation of the armadillo. Armadillos are well known for leathery shells covering the majority of its dorsal side.

The average low would be just slightly above freezing.

Ants and larvae that are located underground make up the main diet for this mammal and in instances when these food sources do not exist, the pink fairy armadillo will turn to plant leaves and roots.

[2] Both national and provincial legislation is in place specifically protecting the species.

Because they have very little body fat and a low metabolism rate, cold temperatures could result in the extinction of this animal.

A chameleon’s tongue can be as long as its body. The pink fairy armadillo is mostly an apt name. Pink fairy armadillos have small eyes, silky yellowish white fur, and a flexible dorsal shell that is solely attached to its body by a thin dorsal membrane. The evolutionary distinctiveness of the pink fairy armadillo, their limited geographic territory, existing threats and rarity make strong arguments to suggest urgent conservation attention. These varying average temperatures are the subject for the armadillo to adapt to. We design and print everything in house made in Texas. While its shell is much softer than and more flexible than other armadillos, it still acts as armor. Because it lives in burrows, during heavy rain the armadillo will vacate the underground to avoid being drowned.

[2], A species of mammals belonging to the armadillo order of xenarthrans.


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