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This was due to a shortage of interceptor boxes. 674: Coastguard Amphibious Missile Launch, 371/372/801/802/803/ 804: Mini-USS Enterprise and Mini-Klingon Cruiser, 113: John Steed’s Jaguar XJ12C & 307: Gift Set Avengers, 267: Paramedic Truck and other ‘Emergency’ related vehicles, 361: Galactic/Zygon/Space/ Missile Firing War Chariot, 363: Zygon Patroller and Cosmic Interceptor, Space Prototypes and Pre-Production 1979-80, Christie’s Action July 2002 – Dinky Toys: TV Shows, Space and Specials, Follow Dinky Toys: TV Shows, Space and Specials on WordPress.com. Not surprisingly as they were very likely to have been lost. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

Regards, Hi Melvlee, Thanks for contacting the site. The first missile was white with an orange tip, the second white > with black tip and the third, yellow with a black tip. Would it be possible to have photos of your model which I could then put up on the site to see if we get get more insight into what you have.

Unfortunately this site doesn’t accept uploaded images via the comments section. SHADO Interceptors were red and white space fighters used to defend Earth against these marauding hordes of aliens and were equipped only with a single nuclear missile as a weapon.

I am pretty sure that there was never a white missile with a red tip released at the time and that these are all reproductions.

The advertising of these things was notoriously unreliable due to using drawings rather than photos. The 351 Interceptor made the front cover of the 1971 catalogue in its year of release. Prime Video From £1.89 £ 1. Hi Paul, Could you please clarify if you mean a UFO interceptor in a red paint colour scheme, i.e. There were at least 9 parts that were changed or modified over the 9 years the Interceptor was in production. On Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 6:02 AM Dinky Toys: TV Shows, Space and Specials wrote: > KO commented: “Hi Matt, It’s a good question but hard to give a definitive > answer. I know it can be difficult to assess not being hand held. Never saw them ever again in any toy shop anywhere. UFO Series Home Page - 1970 British sci-fi TV series from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson.

17,59 € 17,59 € 5% Coupon wird an der Kasse zugeordnet Sparen Sie 5% mit Rabattgutschein. It’s not possible to load these onto the site but you can send them to the website address dcmtvspace (at) virginmedia.com. Something went wrong. Hi all.

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Dinky Toys 352 ED STRAKERS CAR - Gerry Anderson UFO TV Series NO BOX. Dear Kevin, Matt A. Daryl. Change ). Also a strange yellowed but clear type windscreen? Buy dinky ufo and get the best deals at the lowest prices on eBay! Gerry Anderson Shows . not the usual green or just with red legs. The unique thing is, I bought them in a country town Northam in Western Australia.

So with all that noted, I have personally gone from being 90% certain that the Joe 90 pilot was the first issue to about 66% sure now in the red ski version being the first issue….. Couldn’t trouble you for your own and your readers thoughts on this anomaly could i please? TV series premise was that a secret organisation called SHADO. It is actually slightly lighter? 's premiere craft, the Skydiver, is now lovingly reproduced as a die-cast metal 8" long toy, complete with … Th” >. Kind Regards,

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If it’s the former then its probably a Code 3 as there are no currently known original variants of this model in any other colour than green. This No.351 Interceptor finished in green with red legs and blue tinted windows was packaged with an unusual mail order plain box and inner packing card. I have seen metal legs as replacement parts and so it may be a code 3 or it might be a pre-production model. Fellow collector, Hi there, I have a red UFO with flat head screws that Don’t appear damaged at all, Does anybody know anything about the colors , thanks. MAIN MENU. Save ufo tv series toys to get e-mail alerts and updates on your eBay Feed. Look at the legs? In 1972 all 3 of the UFO TV series model appeared together at the same time.

The large Interceptor is probably an evaluation mock-up which was found to be too big and it was then decided to make the production models to a smaller scale. I sent pics comparing/contrasting it to a normal metallic green color. Looking at images of boxed models with missiles then roughly speaking (and there are overlaps and its also easy to swap missiles). As you say above, there is no disagreement that the ones without chrome (usually all orange) are the last releases and i have seen NO Interceptors come up for sale in the last few months that are all orange and have no ridges (they all have the ridges around the plain orange machine guns) so i am now thinking to myself that the flat area was likely a first release variant???? I am pretty sure > that there was never a white missile with a red ti” >, My left eagle eye just spotted green metallic paint under the oddities category or ‘Color trial’ one that was sprayed metallic blue! He’s closed his shop at the moment though, until the situation improves. (Source: Jacques Du Jardin, Dinky Encyclopedia). Again it’s possible for parts to be swapped about so putting together a definitive timeline of release is very hard. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

It has not been repainted from what I can assess. This was activated by releasing a spring loaded lever on the bottom of the model which could also be fitted with an exploding cap that produced a satisfying bang as the missile shot out. Although it would depend heavily on what new products using the colour where being produced at the time. Sitemap The evidence to support red legs as the original model is the red legged version being sold in a plain cardboard box dated 1971, the first year of manufacturing, and interestingly with a red plastic details with no chrome paint,  alongside the red legs, (see Oddities and Rarities below). On Tue, Dec 10, 2019 at 5:38 AM Dinky Toys: TV Shows, Space and Specials wrote: > KO commented: “Hi Matt, Interesting observation and fair comment. This was sold originally by Vectis who are trustworthy and I believe would have taken a careful look at the model before describing it as a colour trial. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Never seen any other than repros. The inner tray had two pieces as well as a packing piece.

Red detailing inserts are also seen on orange legged versions and vice versa which suggests that ‘red’ plastic supplies were available for a long time. All everyone ever says is its metallic green but never any sort of colour (or Brunswick green, Olive drab , British racing green etc) to narrow it down. If you do it properly, once you have drilled out the rivet you can fill it in again with a “solder” glue like liquid solder in a tube.

The use of certain bic pen lids can be used to to shape the solder into a rivet appearance. Thanks again Kevin, What is the timeline for the correct missile color tips and when did the yellow missile with black tip come into being? Captain Scarlet; New - Captain Scarlet; Fireball XL5; Joe 90; Stingray; Supercar; Space Precinct; Star Wars; Space 1999; Fantasy Worlds Of … This was a Gerry and Sylvia Anderson production for Century 21. Thank you Kevin for your timeline buddy! TV series, the others being the 352 Ed Straker’s Car and 353 SHADO 2 Mobile. 4.4 out of 5 stars 78.

in a clear plastic bag. Pre-Owned. Probably late to the party.

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Hope you can confirm / deny the validity as it is driving me crazy trying to find every scrap of info from every site I can. All red versions are the rarest, although the red detailing is usually under a chrome finish.

Brian, Hi Brian, Thanks for your note. Cheers Kevin. 0 bids +$8.30 shipping. But it is a true factory darker hue of color than the usually bright metallic green issues.


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