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Wichita was commissioned into the US Navy on 16 February 1939. If you have any concerns, feel free to discuss them with me~. [5] In early May, Wichita was assigned to the amphibious force tasked with liberating the Aleutian Islands from Japanese control. nsfw.

There, the ship loaded servicemen from Saipan and steamed back to San Francisco, arriving on 12 January 1946. When you reach the last level, you can start enjoying all the features that the game offers... Azur Lane is a game developed by a Chinese company and the English version is still very new. The following day, the fleet struck Aparri on Luzon. Wichita left Scapa Flow on 12 June, bound for Hvalfjörður, and arrived 14 June. Honolulu, Brooklyn-class cruiser, reporting in. One loading screen has her prepare some cake for Laffey. Wichita then returned to the gun line. Starting today, Cleveland-class light cruiser Birmingham is on active duty. This is a huge deal because it applies an effective 118% multiplier to the already massive HP pools of HMS BBs. Wichita went to sea again on 6 April, bound for Bermuda; she reached her destination two days later. She continued to shell the island through 28 March. Light cruiser Cleveland, right here! For this purpose, Norfolk is a subpar version of Edinburgh that trades Evasion (which is boosted by QE and Smokescreen) for a shield skill (which is not). Are there any bullies here? That's right, the legendary Phoenix! Wichita contributed to the antiaircraft screen; her gunners claimed to have assisted in the destruction of two Nakajima B5N torpedo bombers. The force departed Majuro on 12 February and conducted Operation Hailstone, a major air strike on the Japanese base at Truk, four days later. The idea is to squadron Fletcher with one or two of her Common sister DDs. Give her an Air Radar; Fire Extinguisher is preferred if you are up against a BB backline. [1] Wilbur succeeded in passing the Cruiser Act in 1929, which authorized several new cruisers. Due to the large explosion that ensued, and because they were afraid the sub might attack again, they assumed that there were no survivors and carried onwards, when in reality around 100 sailors from Juneau had survived. Heya. Some players might first try Azur Lane just for the sake of gorgeous waifus, but most will become hooked once they get a taste of the complex ship system and... © 2020 BlueStacks name and logo are registered trademarks of Bluestack Systems, Inc. For British version of the class, see Azur Lane Royal Navy. Warspite the highest unmodified Firepower in the game and needs to improve her mediocre BB Hit. Benson-class destroyer Laffey, awaiting orders… These ears aren't real, so please stop staring at them so much. At the end of February, Wichita returned to Norfolk via Philadelphia, where she participated in further training through May. Task Force 39, commanded by Rear Admiral John W. Wilcox, Jr., included Wasp, the battleship Washington, the cruiser Tuscaloosa, and eight destroyers. Other counts can be used with the “:” format. I'm actually quite talented at nautical navigation, so please allow me to be your guide. It's a pleasure! She has the highest Evasion in the game, Emergency Evasion, and Smokescreen.

From now on I will be part of the fleet, and will listen to your commands. The ship was detached to cover troop transports and escort carriers off Saipan on 25 June. Her relationship with Enterprise, bonding over them both having lost their sister ships in battle. I am California. Huh? The Eagle Union is a Nation of ships based on the United States Navy during World War II. Japanese aircraft attacked the ships early the next morning; Wichita's gunners shot down one of the aircraft.

One very important thing to note is that although her skill specifies the mediocre Swordfish, it works with any torpedo bomber. SR: Queen Elizabeth- This ship doesn’t have amazing stats, but she is the core of any HMS fleet. [26] On the night of 29 January 1943, the Task Force was steaming off Rennell Island; wary of the threat from Japanese submarines, which Allied intelligence indicated were likely in the area, Giffen arranged his cruisers and destroyers for anti-submarine defense, not expecting an air attack. It should be noted that nuclear bombs. [5], In late July, Wichita went into drydock at the Royal Navy base in Rosyth, Scotland. The task force landed a contingent of US Army troops and fighter aircraft to provide air support. [16] After arriving in Scapa Flow, Wichita and the other American ships spent several weeks training with their British counterparts.

Hey Commander, I'm Cooper! Oxygen Torpedo helps her output some decent damage.

Azur Lane EN Ship Tier Guide ... – USS Wichita – Skill: Increases Firepower of Cruisers (both CL and CA) in the fleet by 15%; 25% chance when firing main guns to fire another salvo – Desc: Can you say 24 shots in a row? Pleased to meet you. This command skill stacks with all others, resulting in some ridiculous stat totals. Ship Prefix [5][35], Wichita departed Guam on 10 August, bound for Eniwetok. The English version's third server is aptly named Sandy, although other versions have servers using her full name. While seemingly an unflappable serious combatant, a good look at her lines reveals other aspects to her, in particular a desire for the fighting to end. Am! Although they used to call me "Fighting Mary." I'll be the shield that protects you from all gunfire, Commander. The Germans organized a powerful task force, centered on the battleship Tirpitz and three heavy cruisers, to attack the convoy; the operation was codenamed Rösselsprung (Knight's Move).

I said Aulick! This effect only compounds with healing effects like Juneau’s Martyr and Pearl Tears. Build her for procs and watch her barrage wipe entire waves and increase your entire backline’s Reload by 40%. Don't fire unless fired upon.

Ahh, I've always wanted to meet you! So each point of AA increases AA damage by 1%. If sortied together, San Juan will actually call her out for trying so hard to be one and putting too much emphasis on being a big sister. While on patrol on 17 June, Wichita spotted a German Focke-Wulf Fw 200 reconnaissance bomber and opened fire, though without result. Wichita returned to Iceland in September, arriving in Reykjavík on 28 September. Hey, good day, Commander! What are the best units in the game, you ask? To think that you can accurately predict where I would appear, seems like we are quite in sync……if only it's the same with Hornet. If you've no business with me, I'd like to enter the docks. Finally, note that Tier 3 contains low-oil cost ships that are best for farming. Destroyer Smalley, reporting in. Her memetic status was actually recognized by the devs who made a video with a legion of her clones complete with a stage with her copies of back up dancers. Good if you don’t have Unicorn yet or if you’re using a lot of carriers. She aspires to be an idol. There is no real point to playing HMS in PVP without that backline because other fleets can deal much more damage and faster. Below is a diagram showing how these ships are arranged in the Details screen and in battle. Part of the Main fleet, Battleships and Battlecruisers come with a bulky HP pool and heavy armor.

T-that's not what I was sent here for, b-but… if you insist… (Small voice) I didn't say anything! What’s more, even though the game does have a P2W component (which Gacha doesn’t? I'll be staying here starting today! On 17 June, she joined Task Group 58.7; the force patrolled to the west of the Marianas over the next three days in an attempt to intercept the large Japanese carrier force known to be approaching. They provide decent anti-air to the overall AA score, their air power is very respectable (and the Fighter-Dive Bomber-DB setup is quite potent against groups), their artillery skill isn't really a replacement for a battleship but it still does respectable damage (especially against mob waves and once leveled up some), they have a vanguard-buffing skill when launching planes, and they have. Otherwise, bring an Autoloader; base Hit ought to be sufficient to handle most NPCs in the current meta. Keep Norfolk and Nelson LB1 though. Good morning, Commander. Many bring the A6M5 Zero to reduce the cooldown of her air strike as low as possible. You're the Commander? Helena reveals that she also taught Helena to dance, and had a lot of fun dressing Helena up for her New Years skin.

Helena, Juneau, and San Francisco had been travelling to Espiritu Santo for repairs following the Naval Battle of Guadalcanal, when Juneau was hit by a torpedo from a Japanese sub.


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