vh regal 770
Although the physical changes were few, many other new features were introduced in the VJ Valiant range, such as electronic ignition, rustproofing and floor-mounted shifters as standard features.

Needs minor final assembly such as indicators.

-All original paintwork in excellent condition. The VH model range also saw the introduction of the new luxury class vehicles, the CH range. The VH series Valiant was offered in the following models. Only sedan and wagon models were produced. The front indicators were placed at the top leading edge of the front guards rather than in a more conventional location in the grille or front bumper. After seeing the thing,and how ugly it was, I jumped in my VG and got out of there quickly!! With the 318 engine, a new emissions control system was introduced: Electronic Lean Burn. This meant the combined park light/turn signals with clear lenses fitted to the VH were no longer legal. come with car. The CH (or "Chrysler by Chrysler", as it is commonly referred to) was a four-door luxury model intended to compete with the Ford Fairlane and Holden's Statesman models in the luxury car market in Australia.[12]. In total, only 1,647 VH Valiant Pacer sedans were produced. [4], The AP5 ("AP" for Australian Production[6]) was an entirely new design with only the four doors, windscreen, and front guards shared with its North American counterpart. 1971 CHRYSLER VALIANT VH Charger R/T E38 Big Tank. This drew comments from Wheels such as, "The raw quivering power is instantaneously on tap and with a ratio for every conceivable situation the Charger just storms through. A batch of several hundred VH Charger 770 318 V8s were exported to Japan along with CH sedans. In March 1962, Chrysler replaced the American 1961-model R Valiant with the American 1962 SV1 (S Series) Valiant.

The related Valiant hardtop's production continued. Engine options were again the 265 six or 318 V8, but the 4-speed manual was the only transmission option.

In late 1971 i recall visiting my local Chrysler dealer in my year old VG Valiant to look at the new VH, with the possibility of updating. Note amber turn signals with park lights below bumper as required by Australian regulations for 1973 The roofline was also flattened out and the rear window was given a concave profile. [5], Chrysler Valiant VH Regal 770 Hardtop (16899312266), Chrysler VH Valiant Charger XL coupe (non standard backup lights below bumper), 1973 Chrysler VH Valiant Charger XL coupe. With high local content and specifications optimised for local conditions, this new Valiant strengthened the brand's position in the marketplace. The CL Charger was generally available in only one trim level, the Charger 770, though a Charger XL was made available to police departments. [3] Prior to 1971 South African Valiants had been sourced from Canada. Interiors carried over largely unchanged from the VK range, though the Regal SE offered luxurious buttoned-leather seating as an option. 1972 Chrysler Valiant Regal 770 Auto. The "Hemi" name was already legendary in America with Chrysler's use of the Hemi V8, hence Chrysler Australia's marketing leverage for its 6-cylinder offering. This car is in that state where it’s questionable whether the cost of a full restoration could be justified on financial grounds, and it seems smarter to keep it as a tidy runner. The sparsely trimmed interior featured high back bucket seats, and distinctive black on white instrument dials with a dash-top-mounted tachometer.

Late in the VK model run a limited edition Charger called the White Knight Special (option A50) was offered with a factory-fitted front air dam.

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1972 Chrysler Valiant Regal 770 Auto. [7] The hardtops now rode on a 115-inch wheelbase, 4 inches longer than that on sedans and wagons. VJ sedans also received new horizontal taillights. 1972 Chrysler Valiant Regal 770 Auto. The chassis was a pretty basic affair, with a torsion bar independent front end and a live rear axle sitting on elliptical springs. Chrysler's policy was to race "Australian made" product, which meant the race cars ran 4.3 L (265 cu in) six-cylinder engines equipped with triple Weber carburettors and 3-speed gearboxes. The 3.5 L (215 cu in) Hemi-6 and 5.9 L (360 cu in) V8 were dropped, and the only engine options were low- and high-compression versions of the 4.0 L (245 cu in) Hemi-6 and the 5.2 L (318 cu in) V8. Inside, new front seats were CH style, with individual chairs forming a bench shape, and a column automatic shifter was now used. For the VH, it was a little more adventurous, launching a unique-to-NZ Ranger XL sedan as the base model with a two-barrel carburetor version of the 245ci Hemi-6 engine, no tail lamp trim surrounds or door window brightwork, unique seats and upholstery, and manual or automatic, column-shift transmission. The AP6 was the first Australian-built Valiant to be offered with a V8 engine — the 273 cu in (4.47 L) LA V8, introduced in American Valiants in 1964, and released in Australia in August 1965. As with all collectibles, condition is critical. The front now had a full-width horizontal grille while the rear was also much squarer with vertical taillights.

door cards fitted etc. If you're in the market for a bit of bargain Aussie muscle, there are still some gems out there,... Want to read Unique Cars on the go? New Zealand distributor Todd Motors had assembled the Valiant sedan from CKD kits since the AP5, mostly following the Australian range though with fewer variants and engine choices plus local upholstery. After the Plymouth Valiant turned out to be a success in the United States (starting with its 1959 introduction), Chrysler released Australia's first locally assembled Valiant, the RV1 (R-series). Although the Six Pack Chargers were the dominant performance players in the VH range, there was another Charger, the 275 bhp (205 kW), 340 cu in (5.6 L) V8 powered E55, that came close. For 1973 the Dodge SE (for "Special Edition") appeared, a luxury version with different front and rear treatment, vinyl roof, full equipment and a 142 kW (193 PS; 190 hp) version of the slant-six engine. A Drifter Pack was also offered on the Valiant Panel Van and on the Utility.[21][22]. The Ranger also got full-length door trims, and carpet was now standard. in my opinion a great looking car. The guard-top indicator location was carried over from the VF. The reason? Approximately 2000 of this version were built and supplied, The Chrysler was given a slight a facelift in October 1975 to become the CK series. This was because ADR 27A for exhaust emission control became effective on 1 July 1976, and all the car manufacturers used that date as the introduction of a new model to comply with the new standard.

Right or wrong, if there’s the choice of an original six or V8, collectors will pay a premium for the latter and something like this would be a pretty safe place to park your money. Customers had to wait up to four months for delivery of a new AP6. Chrysler Australia’s “Hemi 6” straight six engine was offered in three displacements, 215 cid (3.5 litre), 245 cid (4.0 litre) and 265 cid (4.3 litre). It also shared the 3 'sergeant stripes' of the VC V8 on the rear quarter panel. At launch the VH Regal was the luxury model of the range, while the Regal 770 had a more sporting leaning. This engine was not available on the other sedan cars in the VH range. Even skilled driving and good engineering could not defeat Ford's legendary Falcon GTHO Phase III with its 351 cu in (5.75 L) V8. The Japanese cars also had air conditioning, side marker lights and separate white reversing lights as well as mirrors conforming to Japanese market regulations.

On 30 May 1963, Chrysler Australia produced the first fully Australian manufactured Valiant, the AP5. Early build. In March 1969, the VE was replaced by the VF model.

Chrysler upgraded equipment levels in July 1974 with front disc brakes, door reflectors, lockable glovebox and retractable seatbelts all as standard features. The Chrysler Valiant was a full-size car which was sold by Chrysler Australia between 1962 and 1981. [16], The CL Series Valiant was introduced in November 1976. The Slant-6 driveline was retained, but the AP5 was considerably more straightforward in styling than its R- and S-model antecedents. The VC Valiant was introduced in March 1966 and, although underneath it was basically the same car as the preceding AP6 Series, the body was extensively restyled giving the illusion of being longer and lower. This allowed the VF's front bumper to be thinner and less prominent, which made the single round headlights look larger, and the front end appeared more aggressive as a result. [citation needed] Being a three-speed gearbox, these quarter-mile runs took only one gear change. 1967 CHRYSLER VALIANT VC. VH 770 Hardtop 2dr Auto 3sp 265; $4,035* Price Guide (EGC) More Details . Sedan, Wagon, Ute and Hardtop body styles were offered once again as well as the same luxury levels as before. In total, 52,944 VF Valiants were built. Also released in October 1971 was a two-door version of the CH which was called the Chrysler Hardtop, and shared the same wheelbase as the four-door Chrysler, along with the front and rear end treatment. Charger won Wheels magazine's Car of the Year award for 1971 and was widely acclaimed by others in the motoring press, as well as the public. $35,990 . Buyers seeking floor-shift manual could choose the four-speed, which was available on all models but could only be had with a Hemi-6, not with a V8. For the restorer, some parts such as trim can be a bit of a challenge. -Original 770 steel wheels come with car. Valiant Regal 770 Hardtop Hemi 265 automatic (aut. In mid-1972, the E38 option was superseded by the more powerful and greatly refined four-speed transmission E49 option. A pushbutton-operated three-speed TorqueFlite automatic was optional. [2] The Valiant Charger came in four model guises, closely mirroring the existing sedan range — Charger, Charger XL, Charger 770, and Charger R/T. The sporty Pacer sedan was available again, but whereas the VF Pacer was only offered with the one power output, the new VG Pacer offered 3 different versions of the new 245 Hemi-6 engine, though Chrysler Australia didn't publish any power output figures for the Pacers.


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