weeping willow pros and cons

Carmel, Illinois. They do have a longer list than most trees. If you're not bothered by some insects and tendril remnants in your yard, you can surely enjoy their shade, their fast growth, and their ability to be shaped. The Mimosa Tree (a.k.a. Plant the willow tree in either full sun or partial shade to get the best growing results.

Everywhere I’ve read except yours says to not plant a willow near a leach field as it will clog the pipes. If you have any other concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

You can also minimize the mess over a driveway or concrete patio by having the tree trimmed to lean away from these features. This one’s false. The willow is about 8 ft. tall. These Trees Have a Short Life Span. For your septic space, consider some less aggressive growers that would be able to provide the same benefit – Serviceberry (Amelanchier) are native Trees with shallow roots that would provide some relief for your problem.

Would a Willow help dry it up? I planted a weeping willow last fall at our new home.

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It looks like the limbs are permanently bent. Please read through our learn Post on ‘Should I Plant a Weeping Willow?” and if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know! Do you think this is too tight of a squeeze for our yard? Thank you for checking in with Bower & Branch before planting! Weeping willows look unique and beautiful, but they're not right for everyone.  Categories: , Blog. Bower & Branch recommends that you plant 8-12′ away from the pond’s shoreline to avoid this in the future. Not so much from eating or browsing on the foliage though (Willows can grow through this quite well actually). They do love water, but they can’t “sense” where it is. I have given it 20-20-20 fertilizer just 1 week ago, plus a dose of iron last month and I have been trying to give it lots of water by leaving the hose running lightly at it’s roots. Required fields are marked *. The branch collar is a part of the of the main Tree, so if you cut the branch collar, you are wounding the Tree itself which can leave your Tree vulnerable to disease and pests. The beauty of weeping willows, unfortunately, is short lived. Even when you have the tree trimmed regularly, the tendrils can make quite a mess. Silk Tree) is a gorgeous specimen with its delicate green leaves and feathery pink flowers that appear during the Summer. Turns out it is extremely windy here and only blows in one direction.

If you have any additional questions about your particular situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out – you can give us a call at 866-873-3888, email our Plant Whisperers at plantwhisperers@bowerandbranch.com or Live Chat with us directly on the site! We’ve got your back. The national champion, in Michigan, has a trunk 8½ feet thick – imagine that. Any other tree suggestions that are colorful and lose their leaves? Many moths lay their eggs on the trees, and they develop into caterpillars. It is a branch coming off one of the lower branches. Don’t plant this tree near the pool or next to the house. Pro: Weeping willows grow quite quickly. They might be tops in all these categories! No tree will give you quicker privacy, and while they’re not evergreen, they are the “first to leaf and last to drop,” so they’ll have foliage for a large part of the year—when you’re more likely to be outside and seeking privacy in your yard. Let us know if you’ve got any other questions, you can reach us via our Live Chat on the site, emailing us at customercare@bowerandbranch.com or calling us at 866-873-3888. We would like to plant a willow near the wetter part of our yard, but are wary of the deer. many reasons the responses are inconsistent. Trees and other plants cannot sense water sources. The real challenge is that the bark on Willow Trees produce an aspirin like chemical that provide relief for the deer when new antlers are forming as they become very itchy. Tell us about yourself and your space; we’ll pair you with a tree you’ll love. The willow tree's wispy branches break easily, which makes them messier than most other trees. Can a weeing willow break through a in-ground pool, Our tree is seeping and the last couple of years it has been attacked by aphids. Let us know if you have any other questions! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Our tree is about 40 feet tall and several lower limbs have died. Those trees that shade my home and yard prevented the sun from getting to the garden, so I had to decide what to do.

Big dummy. This redbud is a living, growing Valentine’s Day Card Tree! When it comes to how far back to prune, you do not want to prune the branch flush against the other branch. I live on 3 acres with a septic and leach field about 100′ from the house. I live off the coast of Savannah, Ga. With a few trimmings and careful selection of a couple trees, I am now able to grow my dream garden. 50cda52efb68ea760a69b56e6474243a9c72d93df0592d134d37b79ab5ecf54c. Make the azalea Christmas tree a holiday tabletop tradition! This lets you keep certain areas of your yard unshaded while directing the shade to other areas. I have a weeping willow that you planted for me 3 years ago and I absolutely love it. It will look natural there and have all the moisture it wants (though it will grow in drier soil, too). We are here to help!

Weeping willows are considered a fast-growing tree. Here’s what you can expect! We have a lot of deer that have made their home in the wetlands near us. When the field turns brown in summer the leach field stays green with tall grass and sunflowers. The mysterious nature of weeping willows has inspired poetry, art and song for centuries. Willow bark beetles are also a concern, and they can even cause the tree to suffer if they show up in large numbers.

I don’t want to cut it down because I love how big it has become and we desperately need a shade tree but all the stories I am reading about Willows are real scary. The absolute best time to plant a Tree is in the Fall – at that time, the soil temperature is still warm enough that it will encourage root growth well into the start of Winter. Repeat this effort about every three to four weeks for assurance, but many times on the Nursery we require only one application. The beauty of weeping willows, unfortunately, is short lived. The best time for you to prune your Willow Tree would be right now actually =). I believe we are in zone 9, and with only having bought the house brand new a few years ago, we are eager to get some shade back there.

The willow hybrid is a tree that can grow up to six feet in a single year. But when they’re well-sited and thriving? If you’d like a few more suggestions, you can reach out to us via our Live Chat on our website, email us at customercare@bowerandbranch.com or give us a call at 866-873-3888. Its graceful, flowing branches help to create a calmer environment, one that instantly puts you at ease. They can’t “drill into” sound pipes, but as stated above, will thicken roots around moisture – so a cracked pipe may encourage growth and appear to crack the pipe. After all, its long tendrils make quite the spectacle as they blow in the breeze, and the shade it creates is lovely for summer picnics. Thanks for your help! Pro: Weeping willows can be shaped based on your needs. This isn't necessarily a disadvantage, but it's an important characteristic to know. Hi. This growth of roots is not at all determined by where the water is, roots cannot sense water if not in contact with water. When is the best time of year to do this? The Weeping Willow is one of those that can withstand very moist soils. Their roots can soak up all that extra water and make a swampy part of the yard usable again. Most willow trees do not live past 50 years. For your Tree, as it is larger, you may want to use at least two bags to ensure your Tree is getting what it needs! Remember, weeping willows tend to be very fast growers. Easy to apply, it provides protection from buck rub as well as browsing.

Many of us today have fond childhood memories of a certain neighborhood Weeping Willow—scaling its branches that were made for climbing and holding secret meetings in the space inside its big, protective domed canopy. Is there a particular time of year the tree should be put in the ground? At this distance, your Tree will still grow toward the water as you are hoping for, but it should help prevent any issues down the road =). Talk to a tree care company like Show Me Tree Service in your area to learn more.

This will give your Tree a head start for the Spring growing season. These aren’t trees for the small property as their roots and large height and spread may become troublesome if not given room, and they may not be in it for the long haul. Don’t plant this tree within 50 feet of your neighbors’ utilities, either—remember that roots don’t abide by our artificial boundaries. Apply Plantskydd in the Fall, at the start of the season for buck rub. Even with all of this said, weeping willows will still tolerate some drought, which makes them a fairly hardy tree species. They’re messy trees, they’ll say, or they’ll damage your underground pipes. If you can site your weeping willow by a pond, so much the better.

For example, Viburnum would perform well, as will the Dappled Willow and varieties of Clethra. When mature, the Willow can be about 50′ tall and 40′ wide and they are considered to be a very fast grower (can add over 3′ of growth a year!).

But there are both pros and cons to planting a weeping willow tree, each of which you should consider carefully before you add this tree to your yard.


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