weird hindu gods

Generally depicted as a skeleton clothed in a dark tuxedo, a top hat, and dark glasses, Samedi is undoubtedly the most fashionable deity on the list. Khodiyar In the Rigveda, the most prominent goddess is Ushas, the goddess of dawn. Your email address will not be published. Annamma Kannaki Amman Brahmanism or Saivism and is based on the recognition that Brahman (God) is the highest principle in the universe and pervades all of existence.[3][4][5][6]. Jalaram Here they are named: Nirriti, Shambhu, Aparajita Mrigavyadha, Kapardi, Dahana, Khara, Ahirabradhya, Kapali, Pingala and Senani. Odin, lord of the gods, enacted the first, hurling Thiassi’s eyes into the night sky. Here are a few lesser-known Hinduism facts that you need to know. Most of the other deities were either related to them or different forms (incarnations) of these deities. Read also: 7 Laws of Shiva Karma That’ll Help You Attain The Highest Form of Existence. Manasa Huligamma Mulkattamma Birth Of Venus, by Sandro Boticcelli 1.

Dhatri Hey there! Tvashtri This is in line with the belief of Indians to respect all living beings as gods.

He is also the Loa of sex, and despite being wed to Maman Brigitte, a fellow Loa, he is known to frequently run off for dalliances with mortal women or, occasionally, mortal men. The religion evolved from various religious and cultural changes in India. Kamadeva Khatushyamji Considered the oldest religion in the world, Hinduism comprises several traditions, ancient texts, beliefs, practices, rituals, and philosophies. Shri Khand Hinduism is mostly henotheistic. Contact Us - Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. Tirupati Thimmappa Jatayu Hinduism is the largest religion in the Indian subcontinent and third largest religion in the world. The Gods have different duties and reasons. [3][4][5][6] Kashyapa Nookambika Tejaji Sati Hindu Goddess; Maat Egyptian God; Set Egyptian God; Rerun Options Share. Harbadevi Tripura Sundari

The most prominent example of this is a myth in which people sought to slay a demon named Raktabija but could not because a copy of him appeared every time a drop of his blood was shed. Most results are Greek, Roman, and Egyptian since there are so many of them. 4 Tips For Finding Affordable Lawn care Services – 2020 Guide, 5 Tips How to Get Cheaper Condo Association Insurance, 9 Firearm Safety Failures and How to Fix Them, 5 Smart Reasons to Hire a Professional Gutter Cleaner.

Devnarayan Durga and Lalita Tripurasundari are regarded as the Supreme goddess in the Kalikula and Srikula systems respectively. Ap However, things turned bad for Osiris when his brother, Set, became jealous and decided to murder him through trickery. Mohini


Mukyaprana Aditi Narasimha Lakshman With more than 1.25 billion global followers, it is an amalgamation of different philosophies and traditions without any specific origin or founder. Adherents of Shaivism believe that the god Shiva is the supreme being. Ushas Renuka Linga Markandeya

Ravastar [9] Brahma allotted to the Rudras the eleven positions of the heart and the five sensory organs, the five organs of action and the mind.[8][10]. When a person dies, he is said to dig their grave and lead them to the underworld. Yamini. Adityas

Dhanvantari Hingladevi If then you ask the same people how their favorite Hindu gods and goddesses relate to other hindu gods and goddesses, you will usually get the same answer : "Well of course, all Hindu gods and goddesses are the same god or divine energy, nameless and without form - only in this particular form I like my hindu gods and goddesses best". Devi Anala Naga Yakshi Bhishma

Mariamman Urvashi All these Gods are or were worshipped at some time. Hattilakkamma Ayyanar The various sacred Sanskrit texts have helped in spreading the religion across the globe through ritual and arts. And you thought your uncle was awesome for losing his eye in that rubber band accident. ATHENA IS BORN FROM ZEUS' HEAD! Neela Dharma Shasta Valli Yami Srimanjunatha Guardians of the directions Mitra Aruna the grama devatas or village gods who were clearly living persons at one time and many of the other gods who were believed to have been persons, e.g. Muniandi We meant fear, of course! According to the BBC, the Vedic Period, when the Vedas were primarily being written, was circa 1500 – 500 BCE, whereas the Indus Valley Civilisation existed before 2000 BCE. The giant’s skull became to the dome of the sky, his bones were used to form mountains, and his blood became the oceans. Ketu Katteholeyamma We provide you with the latest breaking news and videos straight from the entertainment industry. Prithvi Chitragupta The Trimurti or the Hindu Trinity of Brahma (the creator), Vishnu (the preserver) and Shiva (the destroyer) are the most crucial representations of Brahman. Nirrta Jyotiba Odin was a god who ate, slept, and breathed badassery, pretty much 24/7. In the Vedas, there is mention of only 33 Hindu gods and goddesses.But over the years that number increased, and now there are believed to be about 33 crores or 330 million gods and goddesses in Hinduism.There are three main deities or gods in Hinduism namely, Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva, and three main goddesses, Mata Parvati, Mata Laxmi, and Mata Saraswati. Bhadrakali Think about that the next time you’re complaining about college being hard. Yakshini Mani, Vettam (1975). The Ashvins (also called the Nāsatyas) were twin gods. Vyasa Nandi Bhairavi Surya Read also: The True Meaning Of Karma: Understanding Karma, Karmaphala and The 12 Laws. It is not as overtly sectarian as either Vashnavism, I am outdoor person but heavily into technology, science, psychology, spiritualism, Buddhism, martial arts and horror films. And yet her badassery stands out even with competition like Thor, the famous hammer-wielding thunder god, and Loki, a trickster who eventually caused the destruction of all nine worlds.


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