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Thanks to the stainless steel parts of the rifle, it's the ideal gun for "extreme hunters", hunting in difficult conditions. Spare parts for muzzle loading and breech loading guns. all4shooters.com / all4hunters.com is fascinating, multi-facetted, informative and explanatory at the same time. Available also in the camo orange (M.741) to see it all. all4shooters.com is the international platform that is your window to this fascinating world – in four languages. Tel. Register to our newsletter and you will be among the first to receive updates regarding the latest news and all online offers from the Pedersoli product catalog. What makes all4shooters.com different?For one thing, it's the journalistic and editorial content we provide, but also the value-added services we offer. Regardless of whether you’re interested in presentations of the latest products at major international trade fairs – or are looking for a fascinating YouTube video, we’ve got it. This article is also available in this language: Click here for more information on the topics: The international editorial team of all4shooters.com, Pedersoli 1886/71 in .45/70 Government – An extraordinary all-purpose lever-action rifle, Pedersoli Remington Pattern Custom, an old-style revolver revives, Pedersoli Boarbuster Mark II – A review by Clayton Marxer, the Adventure Cowboy, Pedersoli Cook Underhammer, the "upside-down" pistol, Pedersoli new products for 2020: 1886 Lever Carbine and Howdah flintlock pistol, Video: Pedersoli Sharps Competition in .45-70 caliber, Boar hunting with Pedersoli Mark II rifle, Pedersoli: the return of the Swivel Barrel, Pedersoli Boarbuster Mark II lever action rifle, Davide Pedersoli celebrates his company’s 60th anniversary in Nuremberg. The fibre optic sight has been replaced by a Superluminova insert in the front and rear sights, reflective light-absorbing paint guarantees optimal visibility even in poor lighting conditions. We have already tested the first version of the Boarbusters in terms of performance and reliability in a beaten hunt. During a boar hunt we followed the dog driver in his difficult but exciting task, carrying a Pedersoli Mark II rifle: a gun born for the forest and for close encounters with these wild animals. The magazine holds five cartridges and this compact gun weighs just 3.5 kg. Here you will find the article with the video of Pedersoli Boarbuster on all4hunters.com. https://www.all4shooters.com/en/specials/IWA-2017-news-new-products/. At all4hunters.com, we focus on hunting rifles and shotguns , hunting ammunition and the associated optics and equipment . Do you want to know more of the Mark II ? We field-tested the the Premium version of the Pedersoli 1886/71 lever-action rifle in .45/70 Government caliber. New version of the Lever Action Boarbuster Mark II model. 86/71 Lever Action rifles Boarbuster model. A beautiful, historical rifle that accompanied the epic of the American frontier, it’s a real pleasure to shoot. Our basic philosophy is to report in a balanced, impartial and journalistic neutral manner so that our users and partners in the industry can track current developments in a timely manner and better understand their impact. This video features a full review of Pedersoli Boarbuster Mark II in .45/70 caliber by Clayton Marxer, host of the The Adventure Cowboy channel. Do you accept cookies and the processing of the personal data concerned? A beautiful muzzle-loading revolver that revives, improving it, the Remington 1858 Army in .44 caliber, perhaps the only wheel gun from the American Civil War that was able to compete with Colt's models. For the first time, we are able to get younger people excited about our topics again. Pedersoli Boarbuster Mark II**New Pedersoli IWA 2017**New version of Boarbuster**Carbine for beaten and boar hunt** lever action rifle The changes made to the gun aren’t purely aesthetic, with the scratchproof Cerakote finish on the metal parts, the polymer stock is adjustable for better ergonomics and precise aiming to suit any scopes that might be used on the gun. Advertising cookies (third-party) collect useful data that allow us to provide you with advertising information that meets your interests. Model 86/71 Lever Action Boarbuster Black powder Rifles Produced between the 1936 and the 1957, with important technical variations to the previous Model 1886 designed by John M. and Matthew S. Browning, it is identified as the first rifle chambered for a specific cartridge (.348 WCF) as well as for the last “big game” lever action rifle produced by Winchester. Should you need additional information, do not hesitate to contact us. To catch the light, improving the sighting capacity in dim light. These are cookies that allow you to recognize the user who uses the site during a single session. Modern hunting rifle available in .45-70 and .444Marlin calibers. The pistol is in .36 caliber. Davide Pedersoli gun distribution in Oceania, check the gun distribution in Oceania next to you. Front sight is drift-adjustable, rear sight can be adjusted in elevation. Print media, websites, social media, YouTube – all of it coordinated internationally and from a single source. WAD Agency. We supply essential information about each respective market. Because even the eye wants its part, the elegance and the high absorbtion thick butt plate made with Microcell technology. Forged frame, CNC machined, steel parts made of high carbon steel. Come and discover the Guidemaster family. Do you know the lever action Guidemaster family? But the news does not end here: presented for the first time in the USA, the 1886 Sporting Classic lever rifle with round barrel and a new version of the Howdah gun. In-depth understanding of each individual market is our strength – along with our ability to provide worldwide distribution via the Web. Newsletter Subscription Register to our newsletter and you will be among the first to receive updates regarding the latest news and all online offers from the Pedersoli product catalog. Design & development by, Reserve it now (from one of our distributors). Davide Pedersoli celebrates his company’s 60th anniversary in Nuremberg by presenting the latest version of his Boarbuster lever action rifle with a decisively modern and aggressive look. We had already caught a glimpse of it at IWA last year. The solidity and the easy handling typical of the lever action models, thanks to the short length of the barrel (19") makes this rifle a winning choice to hunt in the bush. © 2020 Davide Pedersoli & C. All right reserved - Privacy Policy We hope you enjoy surfing our global website, our Facebook pages and our international YouTube channels! Communication via more effective channels:In printed media, information generally flows just one way. IWA 2017 / New from Pedersoli: Boarbuster Mark II. The latest version of the Boarbuster lever action rifle for hunters looking for a compact gun, strong enough to take a few knocks on the beaten hunt. The new Boarbuster Mark II is currently available in two calibres, both of which are excellent for boar and other hoofed game on a beaten hunt; 45/70 Government and 444 Marlin. Whatever you’re looking for, chances are you will find it on our website or by using Google search at all4shooters.com / all4hunters.com. Davide Pedersoli & C is historical rifles for sale, historical firearms and rifles accessories over the world. | web (BS) Mandatory cookies These cookies are required for the basic functionality of the site and are therefore always enabled. 10 Years Collection Commemorative pistols, 10 Years Collection Commemorative muskets. Our web-based platform, on the other hand, allows for two-way communications – making it easier for users and providers to interact. VS Medien GmbH  Römerstrasse 58, 56130 Bad Ems, International contact to all4shooters.com:info@all4shooters.com. A microcell butt pad helps dampen the recoil of the Boarbuster Mark II. This shop requires you to accept cookies for performance, social media and advertising purposes. BE A SHOOTER!Firearms, ammunition, optics, and passion: these are the four key elements that unite shooting fans from all around the world. The ballistic precision and the stopping power of the PMG broached barrel available in the .45-70 and .444Marlin calibers, makes this rifle ideal for European and American wild boar hunting. Our motto at all4shooters.com and all4hunters.com is simple:We are here for all those who live out their passion for hunting and shooting , either in competitions or as a hobby – or who simply enjoy firearms , optics and related accessories . The changes made to the gun aren’t purely aesthetic, with the scratchproof Cerakote finish on the metal parts, the polymer stock is adjustable for better ergonomics and precise aiming to suit any scopes that might be used on the gun. Pedersoli Davide & C. snc - Via Artigiani, 57 25063 Gardone V.T. For more information on the processing of personal data, see the Privacy and Cookie Policy. Various scopes can in fact be mounted on the Weaver and Picatinny rail that has a double ramp with a built-in rear sight, so even if you're not using a scope for close range shots taken during a beaten hunt you’ll always have a sight you can count on. This type of cookie allows you to fill your shopping cart, easily carry out payment transactions, solve security problems and ensure compliance with current regulations. Our Services:Our international platform in four languages with corresponding social media appearances on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube reaches an active, interested and international audience of milions – every month! For more information, please visit the Davide Pedersoli website. An extraordinary all-round lever gun, especially for all forms of wild boar hunting – but not only. Forged frame CNC machined together with all the steel parts, broached rifling, American walnut stock, soft touch covered. I have read the information and authorize the processing of my personal data. Technology & engineering Made in Italy The Mark II is the latest version of the Boarbuster model, featuring a modern line and last generation equipment. Ask for inormation how to reserve your Boarbuster now, ©Davide Pedersoli & C. 2017 All rights reserved. Modern revisitation of the famous 86/71 lever action rifle created by the cooperation between Browning and Winchester at the time advertised as The Universal Big-Game Rifle. All IWA 2017 news, you will find at all4shooters.com here: https://www.all4shooters.com/en/specials/IWA-2017-news-new-products/. At IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 the MRSP was unknown. But we also inspire you with real stories of passionate hunters or sport shooters. The Mark II is the latest version of the Boarbuster model, featuring a modern line and last generation equipment.Compact and easy to handle rifle thanks to the reduced barrel length and the microcell butt plate. Third party cookies Social media cookies offer the possibility to connect to your social networks and share content from our website via social networks. The .45/70 caliber ensures all the necessary power. The two positions at 4 cm and 20 cm are for different situations with the relevant optimal position of the rear sight. You will be the first to receive the latest news and all special offers. We also provide the latest news from around the world and everything you need to know about new products and developments relating to your particular passion. To engage the target, thanks to the quick sighting from the open sights to the modern red dot, or the scope.


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