what happened to korean air flight 801 outliers

Malcolm Gladwell's "Small Change": A Rhetorical Analysis. Who were the three “outlier” examples that captured the attention (and imagination) of Lewis Terman?

.Which of the rhetorical appeals (ethical, logical, emotional) does this key term lean towards? In "The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes," Gladwell both returns to his earlier tactics and approaches radically new material for Outliers. [Outliers Reading Group] In chapter seven “The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes,” Malcolm Gladwell discusses the activities of a tragic Korean Air flight and readers get a sense of how the interactions between pilots and co-pilots relates to the larger discussion of cultural legacies. GradeSaver, 2 November 2016 Web. [1]:12, Flight 801 departed from Seoul-Kimpo International Airport (now Gimpo International Airport) at 8:53 p.m. (9:53 p.m. Guam time) on August 5 on its way to Guam. Of the 10, one was misidentified and had to be switched before takeoff. [9] Shigeko died in the fire. She, too, spoke of being jolted from the jet, while still in her seat, by the impact of the crash, her seat belt still wrapped around her. It gave no further details. Such a deferential attitude also makes it difficult for pilots to communicate with brash air traffic control employees. The flight experienced some turbulence, but was uneventful until shortly after 1:00 a.m. on August 6, as the jet was preparing to land. Flight attendant Oh Sang-hee, 25, lay in bed in another room at the Navy hospital, face burned slightly and hair singed. Upon approaching the destination, the captain (who was familiar with the Guam route) decided to make a visual approach. Western agriculture, for instance, involves large plots of land, advances in technology, and (traditionally) long periods of rest; hunter-gatherers such as the !Kung bushmen also work relatively little. [31] When Seoul-Guam services resumed in December 2001,[32] the flight number was changed to 805. In San Diego, friends of Wendy Hope Bunten, 37, and Sean Burke _ two scuba diving enthusiasts _ listed them among the dead after failing to see their names on survivor lists.

When we think of airline crashes, we think, ‘Oh, they must have had old planes. Yet good pilots know how to avoid such potential for catastrophe: often simply by communicating actively and consistently. Anyways, the best piece I’ve probably ever read about Korean culturalism is Chapter 7 of the book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. After all, David Greenberg was able to completely re-vamp Korean Air simply by addressing the cultural weaknesses of the Korean language.

The hospitals, however, denied that anybody had died today. The NTSB however classifies them as a survivor with "serious" injuries in accordance with, Outliers ch 7, The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes, pp 209–223, List of accidents and incidents involving commercial aircraft, List of aviation accidents and incidents involving CFIT, "Controlled Flight Into Terrain Korean Air Flight 801 Boeing 747-300, HL7468 Nimitz Hill, Guam August 6, 1997", "Korean Air Flt 801 - Official Guam Crash Site Information Web Center", Transcripts Between Guam Airport Tower and KA801 before Crash, Official Guam Crash Site Center – Korean Air Flt 801, "Operations/Human Performance 2 - Exhibit No. He shows that a major factor in the crash was the lack of communication between the First Officer and the Captain, owing to the way in which Korean culture dictates the relationship between people of different status. The captain was pilot-flying. Chapter 7, "The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes," opens with an account of Korean Air flight 801. [29], On August 5, 1998, the first anniversary of the crash, a black marble obelisk was unveiled on the crash site as a memorial to the victims. Airplane crashes are seldom the results of sudden catastrophes or malfunctions; rather, they are generally the products of individually minor errors and problems (typically seven) that build upon one another. The flight was meant to take a route from Seoul to Guam and was piloted, mostly without incident, by an experienced captain. The 10 bodies transported to Seoul were those of seven passengers and three female flight attendants. [1]:11,23,45,57, Shin Ki-ha, a four-term South Korean parliamentarian and former leader of the National Congress for New Politics, traveled with his wife and around 20 party members. Renee was not an expert math student, by any means. The Seabees used backhoes to crack open the still-burning plane to rescue survivors and erected mortuary tents for first responders. "Outliers Chapters 7-8 Summary and Analysis". Rika Matsuda, an 11-year-old Japanese girl who was rescued from the crash site by Guam Gov.

There was heavy rain at Guam so visibility was significantly reduced and the crew attempted an instrument landing. The airline brought in a Delta Air Lines official named David Greenberg; at Greenberg's insistence, English skills were aggressively promoted within Korean Air. Yet Gladwell would probably not argue that mathematical determination is unique to Asian students. In sharp contrast to English, Chinese features single-syllable numbers (which are easier to remember) and a regularized system for translating two-digit numbers into words (which gives a superior impression of logic and order). The 26 survivors were initially treated at Guam Memorial Hospital (GMH) in Tamuning or at the U.S. Chapter 7, "The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes," opens with an account of Korean Air flight 801. In the late 1900's, Korean Air (an airline company) was ranked on of the worst airlines.

Rice is grown in paddies, agricultural constructions that are small in size but require careful monitoring and coordination. Context can determine whether a cultural trait is a strength or a weakness. A special weather observation made at 01:32, ten minutes before the impact, reported: Wind 090° at 6 knots; visibility—7 miles; present weather—shower vicinity; sky condition—scattered 1,600 feet, broken 2,500 feet, overcast 5,000 feet [above ground level]; temperature—27° C; dew point—25° C; altimeter setting 29.85 inches Hg; remarks—showers vicinity northwest-northeast.[1]:20.

Korean Air was thus equipped to avoid incidents comparable to the Guam disaster, which is depicted once again at the end of "The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes.". ``She is a brave young lady for trying to help a lady three times her size,″ he said. (221.)

[1]:21, The crew had been using an outdated flight map that was missing a 724 foot obstruction symbol depicted at the NIMITZ VOR and that map stated the Minimum Safe Altitude while crossing the NIMITZ VOR for a landing aircraft was 1,300 feet (400 m) as opposed to the updated altitude of 1,440 feet (440 m).

Here’s a link , but if you want the TL;DR I’ve got you. According to the cockpit voice recorder (CVR), the flight crew had suggested to the captain that he made a mistake, but did not explictly warn him. “Korean Air had more plane crashes than almost any other airline in the world for a period at the end of the 1990s.

Oh had felt the jet shaking more than usual throughout the flight, worrying her so that she said at one point she looked outside _ only to see flames surging. As a result, US Congress passed the Foreign Air Carrier Family Support Act of 1997 to require those carriers to file family assistance plans and fulfill the same family support requirements as domestic airlines. Renee was by no means an expert math student, but her perseverance in figuring out how the software transformed mathematical relationships indicated the ideal attitude for mathematical achievement. Won Pat International Airport had been deliberately modified so as to limit spurious alarms and could not detect an approaching aircraft that was below minimum safe altitude.

After escaping from the aircraft, Rika discovered a surviving flight attendant, Lee Yong Ho (이용호). She leaned against the governor, blotting her eyes with tissue and holding a white stuffed rabbit. In addition, the attitude of determination that mathematics requires can be linked to Chinese peasant proverbs, which stress the rewards of hard work.

Upon investigation, the disparity in the crash rates was not due to pilot training or weariness, but due to the differences in culture. [35] Scam e-mails used names of passengers, such as Sean Burke, as part of the fraud. ``The two rows of seats in front were tumbling toward me ... that’s when I heard the screaming,″ said Hong, who was at the same hospital.

The crew noticed that the aircraft was descending very steeply, and noted several times that the airport "is not in sight." The paper, which did not site a source, said he flew to Guam only hours after a flight from Hong Kong, and before that, flew to and from Australia. "Rice Paddies and Math Tests" also serves to address some of the perhaps unpleasant assumptions in "The Ethnic Theory of Plane Crashes." About 30 years ago Korean Airlines had such a high rate of plane crashes that Delta, Air France, and the US military refused to do business with them.

The aircraft crashed on Nimitz Hill in Asan, Guam, while on approach to the airport.

[13] Rika Matsuda, treated at Guam Memorial Hospital in Tamuning, was released on August 7, 1997, and was reunited with her father, Tatsuo Matsuda. At least 28 people survived the crash early Wednesday of Korean Air Flight 801 on this U.S.-governed Pacific island. Naval Hospital in Agana Heights. An airline official denied the report, but acknowledged that Park, a retired air force major, was assigned to the Seoul-Guam route for the first time on July 4 after a three-year hiatus.

The flight crashed on August 6, 1997, on approach to Antonio B. For Gladwell, this final fact suggests that Korean Air's problems were rooted in a modifiable behavior, one dictated by a cultural legacy. ``I felt the plane shake, and shake more, and then it was a sudden drop. Greenberg thus gave the pilots the chance to become fluent in an international language that (unlike Korean) does not include a gradated system of modes of address and is thus better suited for blunt communication.

These papers were written primarily by students and provide critical analysis of Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell.

The Boeing 747-300 departed the gate about 21:27 and was airborne about 21:53. [1], Flight 801 was normally flown by an Airbus A300; since Korean Air had scheduled the August 5–6 flight to transport Chamorro athletes to the South Pacific Mini Games in American Samoa,[3] the airline designated HL7468, a 12-year-old Boeing 747-300 delivered to Korean Air on December 12, 1984,[1]:16,28 to fly the route that night. Gladwell, having set out this information, is able to explain exactly how Korean Air righted itself. Carl Gutierrez, was released from a hospital today.


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