what is a touchpoint meeting
A brand touchpoint, also known as a brand encounter is formed when a consumer is exposed to a brand. As an employee, the touch base meeting has long been my favorite type of meeting for one single reason - they … This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. A touchpoint is any point of interaction with a customer or potential customer at any stage of the customer journey.

(Navrátilová, 2015) (Baxendale, 2015). These touch points are in place to specifically to influence the customer in regards to which purchase they make through effective control of layout and in store marketing (Marin, 2014). Social media is a way for companies to communicate their brand to consumers. In saying this, touch-points influence the pre-purchase, purchase and post-purchase stages of the decision making process. Touch points can simply be broken up into seven different elements: atmospheric, technological, communicative, process, employee to customer interactions, customer to customer interactions and, product interactions (Stein, & Ramaseshan, 2016). Purchase touchpoints that companies use include but is not limited to direct field sales, stores and face to face contact with customer representatives. New tools – like the Live Experience Tracking (LET) – capture key online and offline touchpoints. According to Fripp, G. (2013) the brand touchpoints for service-based businesses, who may only distribute their products and services through their staff or a call centre, are their contact staff themselves. In the customer realm, when it comes down to deciding whether to use a service or purchase from a brand, it can be said that the consumer evaluates brand alternatives and ranks them from the most preferred to the least preferred and forms ‘purchase intentions’. At almost every touchpoint, one or more of the following may occur: Some task, transaction, or process is executed. This can be achieved through after sales services such as loyalty programs, newsletters and emails to ensure ongoing sales. This could work in the favor of brand in long term. Why Book Jeannie? These interactions include presentation of the store, point of sale, displays and assistance from a sales person.

Taking a comprehensive and thorough inventory of your touchpoints can be extremely challenging. This all has unexpected consequences to a brand, either positive or negative, that can affect reputation of their product or service. White: Pure, clean, associated with products such as washing powder and soap.

To reduce the chance of having the consumer turn away from buying a particular brand, there is a need to ensure that staff are properly trained in product knowledge and also in interpersonal skills. to count those who were not marked present. But I want to clarify a few points: During this segment of the buying process people have access to knowledge of the brand, which allows them to see if they will gain from selecting this product or service over another competing brand. The result: all touchpoints are in one "currency". These Foreign Words And Phrases Are Now Used In English. Next, consider the stages of the customer journey: what is your customer trying to accomplish when they search for specific groups of phrases? Sharpe), Bannan, K, J. This communication strengthens the customer-brand relationship, increasing experiential value, brand satisfaction and trust, providing a memorable brand experience for the consumer. Public relations creates positivity around the brand, as well as media influence over prospective customers. Normally companies manage their touchpoints in different areas such as marketing, distribution, communication, service, public relations, investor relations or human resources.

Retailing: retail stores have strategically placed products or advertisements in key positions with the stores layout being a very vital touchpoint.

It becomes obvious that while your online channel is working pretty well, your in-store experience is suffering due to lack of care. Communicative elements focus on a promotional message, informative message and advertisement (Stein, & Ramaseshan, 2016). (Shimp, 2005, c2009) Furthermore, there is a lot of background noise in radio advertisement; like background music, listeners doing their chores. (2012).

This can be going online and looking at the companies website, or through a third party such as at a shopping centre. Unsolicited brand encounters: an unsolicited brand encounter is where brands are seen and discussed but without the brands message being conveyed (Dahlen et al., 2013). Physical touch; meaning the actual physical sensation packaging can provide. © 2020 TouchPoint Software, LLC. Employee customer touchpoints offer employees the opportunity to listen and better understand their customer's needs and wants. Touchpoints are more precise and specific. Example: 11/4/2014 11:00 AM. Similar to placement, packaging needs to capture consumer attention in a way that will encourage them to purchase that brand over another. The stage in the relationship between brand and customer that comes last in the purchase order is the post purchase experience of the customer. The customer journey/experience is the full involvement that a customer has with a particular brand, starting at the first connection between customer and service, and ending with the purchasing of a product or service and the advocacy of said product or service to others (Richardson, 2010). To understand who they are and how they are likely interact with your brand at key touchpoints, you need to get insights from customer data. Packaging: Packaging of a product or the way brand conveys its image should represent a brand and its product or service. Through social media touchpoints the opportunity for a two-way conversation with customers can develop allowing the company to gain customer feedback instantly and monitor customer satisfaction.

[35] Therefore, companies are urged not to advertise unethically and in some countries there a certain laws to prevent such advertising. As more and more people turn to their computers and phones to find information, products, and services, understanding the full array of digital touchpoints is more important than ever. Click Create New Meeting button and enter or select the following: This will open the meeting page, where you can record attendance. This touchpoint interaction is devised to increase brand awareness and increase a consumer's perception and expectation of the brand.


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