which of the following describes the best way to shoot a rifle?
Everyone is there to help. Load them up prior to the beginning of shooting so that you are ready for the start. Jeremy’s Christmas List – Christmas gift ideas for the gun lover in your life! Sling – Connected to the supporting arm of the shooting coat, this simple “Belt-like” apparel bears the weight of the rifle and transfers it to the jacket and shooter position. Shooting Coat – This is possibly the most important piece of equipment. Your right elbow should be placed just below the right knee on the inside of the thigh. As I sat at the range packing up my gear, I watched a father telling his son about the four common shooting positions for his Your left hand should be as far forward as you can go and should cradle the rifle. Your left elbow should be on the ground just a little left of the rifle and your left lower arm at about a 30 degree angle.

In addition to being made Range Safe, you must be familiar with the operation of your gun.

At the start it is important to focus on the basics of Practical Shooting, don’t try to set records. Field (long) Course – These big stages can require up to of 32 rounds and require multiple shooting positions. Working from this position should help you master those items and can greatly improve you abilities when you proceed to the four common shooting positions. Dept. All competitors are required to pick up spent shells (brass) at the end of the match. Raise the rifle up to the firing position, being careful to bring the rifle to your face rather than bending your head down to the rifle.

What ideally happens is that the left arm is braced against the rib, letting the bones support the weight of the rifle. A slight rearward lean is acceptable to help balance the rifle. Match the information on the firearm’s barrel to the information on the cartridge or shotshell before you shoot. Typically each match will use some kind of squads – grouping shooters together – and you will stay with that squad for the entire match and move from one range or stage to another. The reason this is, is the fact that you have no support other than your own strength and balance. When this position is done correctly it can be as steady as shooting from a bench rest. Develop a plan that is simple and execute your plan correctly. Snug the butt of the rifle into the pocket of your shoulder created by your right arm.

‘LOAD AND MAKE READY’ (You may now remove the gun firm the holster, load it and re-holster.

Practice with the rifle, 4. Place both feet about shoulder-width apart.

Place your left triceps just forward and right of the kneecap in that little hollow formed by the knee bones. It offers some level of comfort and protection between you and the ground. All Rights Reserved, United States Practical Shooting Association, Gun and magazines (ideally you should have at least 4 magazines). You’ll have to bend forward slightly to achieve a good spot or cheek weld.

Do not try to set any speed records at your first match, the idea is to get comfortable with the gun, be smooth and, most importantly, be safe. We were all new at this once and everyone will happily offer advice. Fill in your name on each score sheet. There are three variations to the sitting position: open leg, cross leg and cross ankle. PRO TIP: Do not use the sling for support in this position. The rubberized sections of the elbows prevent slipping when in contact with the corresponding rubber on the mat. Make sure that the tape is pressed down firmly. Ear plugs – This protects the hearing as well as blocks out unwanted noise and sounds that may become a distraction. Practice the position without the rifle, 3. Keep your left foot as close to flat on the ground as you can. Align the position with the target, 5.

Hand in the correct score-sheet for the stage. The RO will call out the hits and misses and any procedural errors or penalties. Indian style was what this was called when I was a young ‘un. Double check your eye and hearing protection and get ready to shoot), ‘ARE YOU READY?’ (respond with a nod or yes, unless you are not ready and a NO should be spoken), ‘STANDBY’  (Simply a warning that the course is about to begin), ‘BEEP OR OTHER AUDIBLE SIGNAL’ (Draw the gun and get to the shooting!!!). You may only handle your gun in designated safe areas, handling it anywhere else is against the rules.

If you are not sure which is the correct score sheet ask for assistance. Copyright © 2020 Jamaica Rifle Association.

Your right foot should act as a stop to keep you left leg from sliding. Your left hand should be just forward of the chamber of the rifle. Be sure to let the Match Director know that you are new and who is acting as your guide. Some have completed extensive training to become Certified RO’s . He has also worked as a security consultant with national security firms and General Motors Police Vehicle Division and has written several books. While all this is going on someone will be entering all the scores into the computer to calculate who won and the final positions of every competitor. Place your left upper-arm against your body resting it against your ribs. All competitors are required to help ‘patch’ or ‘tape’ targets and reset steel. If there is anything that you are not clear about, then please ask the Match Director or the Range Officer for some clarification.


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