white fish names
he has yellow tiped fins. (The proud caretaker of a red, white and blue Crowntail called “Liberty”) Just this year, the United States and Canada agreed on catch limits for wild halibut to help maintain the survival of the species. It’s a great name. ☺, My betta’s name is RuPaul, cause he would make an excellent drag queen.

You know from Harry Potter? Flounder reside all over the northern Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Raiden. All comments are moderated before going live. Here’s what they give. So spoiled. The second one is named Blueberry, my dad was gonna name it Bluetooth. We had a fish named Neptune passed away 2weeks ago and we just got a female this time white with red not sure what to name her any suggestions? Red, Pink, Blue, and a tiny bit of gold!! Chilean sea bass, though you may have seen it pop up on the occasional restaurant menu, is a misnomer — this fish is actually an unrelated species called Patagonian toothfish. Adorable, right?!

Though hard to capture exactly how Dover sole tastes if you haven’t tried it, the flavor is often described as delicate, both mild and sweet, with a firm flesh that holds heavy sauces well. Dive is very smart (knows when I’m going to feed her ^^), very fast, and nosedives when her food sinks. Maximus Mandalorian

You’ll want to settle on a betta fish name that has meaning to both you and your new buddy, so make sure you take your time and choose wisely. 1. (My son is a Bruins hockey fan).

It’s especially popular during the Christmas season.

Last one we just got today, his name is Crayon because he looks like an art canvas. I have a blue male betta fish he is also all different colours so I do not no what to call him I think I might call him opal???? Fluke (Jedi Fighting Fish) Skywalker

Sea bass are native to western Atlantic waters between Florida and Cape Cod. 1. You won’t find it in American waters; it resides mostly in the Mediterranean and the North Sea, making it a staple of European cuisine in particular. Our Blue Female Betta is named December because we got her for Christmas! Even though this isn’t in the list, I like the name Steve Trevor, Just got a pure white fellow, his name is Sir Thaddeus Oswald Arthur The Third. I just got a white beta fish and I’m wondering if anyone has a great name for It ?

I just got a blue-green male and I named him Blu!!! This list was really helpful and my sister’s fish is named Sadie.

I named him Simon, because to me he is a bit dorky and geeky and a bit smaller than the rest. Muse Names are: Finley, Finway, Finnegan, Sponge Bob, Bubbles, Sir Kingsley, Drako, Demetri, Maraca, Hennessey I named my Teal Betta Fish Fitzwilliam Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. Your email address will not be published. , I thing Funky , Fibbles and Mr.Bubbly are good names., I think that stella or melody are good names for female fish. I named mine Flash is your a female or male? My Betta is named Shakespeare… He is Blue black and white! thats cool

Although I already have named my Betta fish female, it is a fabulous idea for people with Betta fishes. Dove, Diamond, Crystal. He is a black orchid crowntail male. I love those names. However, fish are so central to the diet, culture, and economy of North America’s indigneous peoples that in Canada, their right to fish according to their own laws is constitutionally protected.

2. I know I can convince my sister to name him that because she is really into the Greek Gods and especially likes Poseidon so thanks for the wonderful idea! 4 boys 2 girls. I have a black one named Dee Dee. Just got a new baby male named Macaroni. It can be served in chunks in a creamy chowder, roasted alongside vegetables, seared, poached, or fried into fish sticks. I have a blue male betta and named him Rodan. I had a Blue male Betta named Cobalt and he passed a year ago. I was going to name him Merlot like my favorite wine but thought it seemed more of a girly name.

If female maybe Charlotte sienna or holly or maybe lily!

Glitch. The Japanese god of thunder and lightning. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Personally, I believe that a great name for a male or female green betta fish is seaweed.

My first Betta was Frederick and means Peaceful Ruler. My red, blue, and purple fish is named tutti-frutti. He’s red with black around his eyes but a red face and very cheeky so we’ve called him Deadpool. I like the name Oscar in the Niddles but I am I name one frozen because of the new frozen coming out. Average Lifespans.

I am totally naming my blue one Poseidon. Am I supposed to be able to read that or do I need to put it into google translate?

it shows all these amazing names and mine is just named bob, I have a male betta named king grumpy nugget, Well Columbia is kinda off for me but I kinda like magenta. I named him Ipang (Ikan Cupang). I want a name like Spike. Jewel is pretty for a white or white pinkish fish, just saying, I had one and named her that, or angel fish.

You are not a bad mom, because they always eat when they can, because in the wild they eat food when they get it. our son named his male Taffy just cause he liked that name…we looked it up and it can be a form of David that means “beloved friend”.

I have a total of 13 male bettas. Three I haven’t named yet. Love them all. I have a red, white, and blue halfmoon betta and his name is Julio (July in Spanish), My first betta was red and blue and his name was Myran, but when he passed away i got a pink fish and i named him Alberto, I have 3 bettas, 2 females sky and scarlet and 1 male sapphire, and i spoil my fishies too much, sapphire is a huge betta, he enjoys being in a tank with 2 other fish(goldfish) he’s a little over 4 cm long and the females i just got and their really small, 2 dogs, 1 cat , 3 vailed camilons, 2 turtles ,19 mice, and 1 beta fish, Emerald, Coral, Gill, Gills, Gem, Jewel, Crystal, Fin, Remedy, Pepper, Spike, And Star, I named my betta Ponyo. What’s the difference between French and Italian bread? Trying to decide on… Kind of odd but he was so cute. and out of your names Columbia would be a great name especially if you live in South Carolina. what type of beta do you have or do you even have one? Juno Eclipse (female)

Aries or Mars My betta is named Picard, and his mystery snail is named Number One. I have three bettas, one is named Kaida (Little Dragon in Japenese)(Male), then there’s Niji (Rainbow in Japenese)(female), lastly there’s Amejisuto (Amethyst in Japenese)(female) I’m thinking of getting one more male that I hope will be a white HM, but the breeder I go to is very popular ? I just got a purplish betta fish. Whisper.

Titanium, ivory, Snowdrop, Dewdrop, Storm Our two names were Also, I named him that for 1 more reason, today I went to a rodeo in Colorado Springs, I just got a purplish get beta fish he’s supper spunky so I named him mustang also I named him that for 1 more reason today I went to a rodeo in Colorado springs. Swedish restaurant puts tables in nature for beautiful socially distanced dining, Download the What about Perseus? I have 6 Bettas my kids have 2 I was wondering what name would be good for a black betta with a blue shine also its a male, please rely back of you know of a good name!, How about Stardust, Bruiser, Dusty, Shimmer or Glimmer.

Omega We love Mae Sue, sometimes we cuddle.

I have 5 fish- 4 GloFish Tetras and 1 Betta. It might be worth the price to seafood connoisseurs: Dover sole doesn’t taste or smell “fishy” once it’s cooked, and the flavor holds up so well on its own that most recipes recommend cooking it as simply as you can without too many overpowering herbs. Geisha, Kimono, Madame Butterfly, Mikado, Monsoon, Nebula, Shogun, Sushi, Swim, Tidal, Yin, Yang. His name is Ruff. It’s true that the flavor of white fish — Atlantic cod, haddock, hake, halibut, flounder, and sole to name a few — is mild, the flesh colorless and dry. Thanks!

His name is Len, from the scientific name for betas: Betta splendens. Dawn and Dusk She was a beautiful little girl and I miss her still. According to The New York Times, the simple recipe for sole meunière, pan-fried sole flavored with butter, lemon, and parsley, made her “fall in love with French cuisine.”. 3. As soon as I typed it, I knew. I’ve just gotten my first fighter in a very long time. I named mine poison, hes a delta tail betta, dark blue/black with red tail/fins. Whitefish or white fish is a fisheries term for several species of demersal fish with fins, particularly Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), whiting (Merluccius bilinearis), haddock (Melanogrammus aeglefinus), hake (Urophycis), pollock (Pollachius), and others. Going to Petco tomorrow because Lava outgrew his tank. I had one many years ago named Wishy. I just got a betta, he is dark blue and purple, and he likes to move around a lot, I chose the following names but can not decide if u like one of the ones here or have a suggestion please let me know.. Aqua, River, licorice, Saphire.

If he or she is a super fast lightning swimmer you may want to name them Turbo for example. So we call him Mookie Betta. For centuries it was preserved by drying as stockfish and clipfish and traded as a world commodity. Satori is Japanese term in reference to defending yourself.

Girls: Shocktop stays in the corner alllllll the time. One of my males is actually called Blueberry too. In North America, you’ll typically find Dover sole on restaurant menus imported from England, though some specialty grocery stores will carry it for about $30 per pound. So i was thinking Nova or Comet. It’s no wonder we want to give them a meaningful name the moment we get them home.

Beethoven the Betta! 1. The summer flounder, also known as fluke, can also be found on the East Coast of the US, from North Carolina to Massachusetts.

My betta spike died. I was Thinking Maybe Dracko Or fire But I need help On naming him. I didn’t see it on the list, but do you think I can name my new brownish betta fish Nutmeg? Sorry if this is late but you should know not to over feed him.

I named my little guy Beethoven. I bought a new butterfly betta fish today and I named him Zamasu. So exited!!! I have a blue beta fish named Neptune- like the planet because I really like space. Can anyone help? Halibut is ubiquitous on restaurant menus.

Sans (My daughter’s fish) I was asking my daughter for help and said, I wanted a dog name because he’s like a puppy, and I wanted one that had had a rough life. It’s a central element of the cuisine in the oceanside Netherlands, both in a popular street snack called kibbeling (chunks of battered and fried cod) and lekkerbekje, deep fried filets of cod — essentially the Dutch version of fish and chips.


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