white prunicola scale cherry laurel
Cherry laurel (Prunus caroliniana) is an evergreen, broadleaf shrub that is prized by home gardeners for its rapid growth and its leathery but glossy dark green leaves. The leaves that once wreathed the heads of ancient Greek heroes also provide evergreen visual interest to North American yards and gardens. I am not sure if its fungal or another type of problem. Armillaria shoestring root rot is a fungal infection of cherry laurels caused by several species of Armillaria fungi. Insects of the Laurel Shrub. Virginia State University Cooperative Extension: Botryosphaeria Canker and Dieback of Trees and Shrubs in the Landscape, Royal Horticultural Society: Laurel: Leaf Diseases, Fine Gardening: Prunus caroliniana (Carolina Cherry Laurel), Canker Disease in a Weeping Snow Fountain Cherry Tree, Tree Diseases With Prematurely Falling Leaves.

The wood beneath the bark of infected branches will be brown to reddish-brown, and cankered areas of twigs and branches may exude a gum-like substance. White Prunicola Scale. We are receiving a lot of photos of branches encrusted with white prunicola scale, Pseudaulacaspis prunicola. The holes may be mistaken for insect feeding damage, but the presence of a powdery white coating on the leaves indicates infection rather than pest infestation. It also gets on cherry and lilac and we have seen an increase in this scale on these plants. It is an ideal shrub for hedges and groupings along landscape borders, and it is more disease- and insect-resistant than other Prunus species. In 2017 this pest had a major population explosion late in the season that did major damage, especially to cherry laurel.

EAB are smaller than a nickel. 3 of my mature, established cherry laurels have died and more plants seem to be going that way. General Gardening Information; Sustainable Gardening; Vegetable Gardening ; Vegetable Diseases; Vegetable Insects; Lawn Care; Lawn Pest … Copyright 2015 John B Ward All Rights Reserved. Later the infected leaf tissues turn brown and die, and may leave holes and ragged edges on the leaves.

Feed and water your tree to promote good growth and healing, but avoid watering the exposed portions of trunk and roots. A healthy cherry laurel will usually grow through a fungal leaf spot infection. u149256 Towson, MD Oct 17, 2013. Botryosphaeria fungi colonize dead wood and then spread to healthy wood. Post #9688144. This armored scale has been taking off on cherry laurel over the last couple of years. Any help in identifying the cause and providing a fix is appreciated. Mark unread; Skip to new; Mark unread Print Skip to new.
Contact. Powdery mildew grows over the surface of the leaves initially, producing white, airborne spores. Site By: SMITHWORKS Design Communications, March 16, 2018 by Chris Ward, ISA Certified Arborist PD-704. White Prunicola Scale is an armored scale insect that feeds on lilac, holly and Prunus species (cherry, cherry laurel, plum). Ash Trees Killed By EAB in Woodland. Since cherry laurel shrubs prefer well-drained soil, planting them in sites that are excessively wet leaves them vulnerable to root rot. Brown spots on your cherry laurel’s leaves indicate a fungal infection by the leaf spot fungi Stigmina and Eupropolella. Heavily infected trees should be destroyed because they cannot be cured of infection. Botryosphaeria fungi cause wilting and dieback of twigs and branches, and cankers in cherry laurel trees. She is co-founder of On Fiction Writing, a website for writers. What Would Cause Royal Paulownia Leaves to Turn Brown & Die? Cut infected areas down to the healthy tissue and leave the roots exposed during summer months. I am a horticultualist in south east PA. Honey-colored mushrooms may also develop around the base of the tree. Characteristic white ovisacs of hemlock woolly adelgid. Last updated October 20, 2020. Their spores are dispersed by rain. However, cherry laurel is vulnerable to a few fungal diseases, particularly in wet or humid conditions. Leaves of a Weeping Willow Has Brown Spots & Are Curling Up. Copyright 2015 John B Ward All Rights Reserved.

The fungi overwinter in lesions on twigs, buds or leaves.

Control may be gained by pruning dead and infected wood, and cleaning debris from the soil around your tree. Horticulture Factsheets. White Prunicola Scale on Cherry Laurel Examine your customers’ cherry laurels. Caused by a fungus called Phytopthora cinnamomi, the infection affects the root systems of plants, causing rot and decay of plant tissue and the destruction of roots. Remove the soil from around the rotted sections of cherry laurels not seriously infected to allow them to dry.


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