who is the famous ruler of kosala kingdom
Saudasa, the king of Kosala, though dignified by the performance of Ashwamedha and other sacrifices, obtained the status of a man-eating Rakshasa, through the curse of a great Rishi. Kashi fought several battles against the Kosala Kingdom. And having taken Batsa-bhumi, he reduced Kevali, and Mrittikavati, and Mohana and Patrana, and Tripura, and Kosala,--and compelled all these to pay tribute.

Arjuna defeated Shakuni's son during his post-war military campaign for Yudhishthira's Aswamedha Yagna.

Thereafter, he set his eyes on other smaller kingdoms of Kasi and Kosala. However, it was later weakened by a series of wars with the neighbouring kingdom of Magadha and, in the 4th century BCE, was finally absorbed by it. Ayodhya was its capital, presently in Ayodhya district, Uttar Pradesh. The Yadava chiefs like Vasudeva Krishna, Bala Rama, Kritavarma and Satyaki, ruled this kingdom under their king Ugrasena. It was the capital city of the kingdom of Kosala, and its king was called Pasenadi, who was a disciple of Buddha.

Bhima alone killed hundred Kaurava brothers in the Kurukshetra war. The country of Avanti roughly corresponded to modern Malwa, Nimar and adjoining parts of the Madhya Pradesh. In the Mahabharata, Nishadas mentioned as tribes that have the hills and the forests their abode. Sumitra, the mother of Lakshmana and Shatrugna was from this kingdom.

Nishada is the name of a tribe mentioned in ancient Indian literature. 2.30), This kingdom was close to the Vidarbha Kingdom ruled by Bhishmaka, probably to the east of it. The grandmothers of Kauravas and Pandavas were called sometimes as princesses of Kasi and some times as princesses of Kosala, attesting to this fact.

This was, probably the kingdom ruled by Lava with Sravasti as its capital. Kosala-Kosala had two capitals. [1]. It is a beautiful city with vast amounts of agriculture and diversity. The Kuru king Pandu's (Pāṇḍu) second wife was from Madra kingdom and was called Madri. 5.277, 5.198). Rama's brother Bharata, colonized the Gandhara kingdom and founded the city of Takshasila there. Shravasti was the capital of Kosala between 6th century BCE and 6th century CE...... "Historical Buddha....lived about 563 BC - 483 BC.....Born in Lumbini or Kapilavastu (today in Nepal), Died (aged 80) at Kushinagar (today in Uttar Pradesh, India)......Buddha was born in a royal Kshatriya family to King Śuddhodana, the leader of Shakya clan, whose capital was Kapilavastu, and who were later annexed by the growing Kingdom of Kosala during the Buddha's lifetime....". He succeeded his father Sanjaya Mahākosala. This kingdom was defeated by the Pandava general Bhima, in his military campaign to the east. The Indian epic Mahabharata is the window to this era. A dispute over the possession of Sechanaka elephant and precious jewels between him and his two brothers, Halla and Vihalla, led to the battle of Vaisali, where the two escaped to seek refuge from their maternal grandfather, Chetaka. He was highly educated. Krishna is also described to have married a princess of Kosala - Nagnajiti - who was the daughter of King Nagnajit of Ayodhya.

Though not as famous as Saheth, Maheth also has a cluster of shrines that are very popular among the tourists visiting Sravasti.

Madra Kingdom was a kingdom grouped among the western kingdoms in the epic Mahabharata.

Among the important personalities were Yayati, Yadu, King Puru, Turvasu, Druhyu and Anu. The Durand Line (625 BC): Pakhtia and the Eastern ... Mahasiddha Kṛṣṇapāda, the Great & Rongzompa.

And the exalted one then subjugated the country of Gopalakaksha and the northern Kosalas and also the king of Mallas. Ajatasatru, also known as Kunika, was born to King Bimbisara, the ruler of Magadha kingdom, and Queen Chelna or Kosala Devi, as mentioned in Jainism and Buddhist records, though both the traditions referred the queen as Vaidehi. He succeeded his father Sanjaya Mahākosala. A colony of Kosala kings existed in Madhya Pradesh.

Kosala Proper or simply Kosala is the kingdom of the celebrated personality of Treta Yuga, Raghava Rama.

Endued with great impetus and prowess, king Vrihadvala, the ruler of the Kosalas, is, in my judgment, equal to one Ratha (a grade of battle-skill). Sahadeva defeated this kingdom first and moved to the Eastern Kosala. It seems that this Kosala had its power extended to the neighbouring kingdom of Kasi to the south of it, because Vrihadvala sometimes commanded the troops from Kasi also in Kurukshetra War.

Bharata's descendants ruled this kingdom afterwards. Nor did he hear any talk relating to the Swayamvara, nor saw any concourse of Brahmanas. According to Vayu Purana, the descendants of Brihadratha ruled Magadha for 2600 years followed by the Haryanka dynasty.

That descendant of Raghu, who ruleth at Kosala and whose renown hath spread over the whole world, sayeth unto thee these words suited to the occasion. At present, the descendants of great king Jarasansha are Rawani Rajput's.

Takshasila was founded by Raghava Rama's brother Bharata. The latter then, with riven heart, fell down. The capital of Kasi was Kasipura (Varanasi). Born to Vishrutavanta, he was the 117th generation of Ikshvaku Vansh and the last king of the Kosala Kingdom. Kashi Kingdom (Banaras): The capital of this kingdom was Varanasi. As per the Purana viz. Sighting his defeat, he offered prayers to different Indras for help, who granted him ‘Mahasilakantaka’, a device that ejected large stones, and ‘Ratha-musala’, a divine chariot with swinging blades on both sides. In Pali-language Buddhist texts, it is listed as one of the sixteen mahajanapadas.

Passing over the hills of Kalakuta, they then went on crossing the Gandaki, the Sadanira (Karatoya), and the Sarkaravarta and the other rivers taking their rise in the same mountains. It hath been heard by us that once on a time the sage Kalakavrikshiya came to Kshemadarsin who had ascended the throne of the kingdom of Kosala.

This road leadeth to the country of the Vidarbhas—and that, to the country of the Kosalas. Avanti was divided into north and south by river Vetravati.

He conquered 36 kingdoms and republican states to build a powerful Magadha Empire, which included present-day Haryana, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, and Madhya Pradesh.

(MBh 2.29). He became powerful by marrying Vasavadatta, the daughter of Udayana. Shravasti and Kushavati Here the famous ruler Prasenjit, who was contemporary of Buddha. The native kingdom of Raghava Rama's mother Kausalya, considered as Dakshina Kosala Kingdom split at least into two during the era of Kurukshetra War. However, he defeated him and conquered Vaisali through a trick. Hence, pair 2 is correctly matched. Madri's brother Shalya was the king of Madra. Alas, I shall not behold thee return with the princess of Videha to Kosala and seated on thy ancestral throne as the ruler of the entire Earth! And the changed name of Brihadratha dynasty is Rawani dynasty. There was a king of Kosala possessed of great intelligence, named Vasumanas. Reaching then the hills of Goratha, they saw the city of Magadha. Desperate to add more territories to his empire, he conquered 36 more kingdoms and republican states around Magadha, eventually, establishing the influence of Magadha across North India, stretching from present-day Haryana and Himachal Pradesh in the west to Bihar and West Bengal in the east.

He colonized the Vanga kingdom and founded the city of Chandrakanta there. Anarta is a Vedic period kingdom of ancient India described in the Mahabharata, roughly forming the northern Gujarat state of India.

He was assassinated by his son in 461 BC to take over the kingdom, thereby ending Ajatasatru’s 32 year reign. The Jain records state that he had 8 wives, the foremost among them being Padmavati, Dharini and Subhadra, while the Buddhist traditions indicate that he had 500 wives, the chief being Princess Vajira.

Sojourning next to the tirtha called Rishabha in Kosala and fasting there for three nights one earneth the merit of the Vajapeya sacrifice, and of the gift of a thousand kine, and also delivereth his race. According to Dasaratha-Jatak, the oldest book related to Ramkatha, Dasaratha, Ram was related to Kashi.

And so all the Panchalas, alarmed at the power of Jarasandha, have left their own kingdom and fled in all directions. The sacrificial horse then, equipped with beautiful manes, proceeded at his will along the sea-coast, repairing to the countries of the Bangas, the Pundras, and the Kosalas.


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