why is ddawg in jail

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that the Eighth Amendment’s ban on cruel punishment forbids “deliberate indifference to serious medical needs of prisoners,” but proving deliberate negligence is difficult. The next day, May 6, 2018, Hill’s condition worsened. Some have not seen their children in years. By Peter Eisler, Linda So, Jason Szep, Grant Smith and Ned Parker, Additional reporting by Stephanie Ulmer-Nebehay in Geneva, Data Editing: Janet Roberts and Ryan McNeill, Graphics: Maryanne Murray and Matthew Weber, Art direction: Troy Dunkley and Pete Hausler.

The resulting message is that until proven otherwise, fathers are presumed to be irresponsible louts whose eagerness to desert their families accounts for all our social failures. Children…can be quite content even when their parents’ marriage is profoundly unhappy for one or both partners,” write Judith Wallerstein and Sandra Blakeslee in their 1996 book, Second Chances.

Frightening as it may seem, using the courts and police to punish spouses for what may be nothing more than ordinary family disagreements now seems to be accepted without question, and the bottom line is that any father may now find himself pursued by federal agents because he protests the way his children have been taken from him. Data was not available on race for about 9% of inmates who died and for conviction status for about 17% of fatalities. In cases where data was available for adjacent years, Reuters used that information to estimate inmate populations for the years in which no data was provided – a statistical method also used by BJS. They are regularly interrogated behind closed doors about intimate family matters that most parents would not normally discuss with strangers. He thought she was content until one day, when she told him she wanted to move back to her native Virginia. The family filed its ongoing lawsuit last February, before receiving the autopsy. Angry and bewildered, Bruce kicked in the door and began shouting. Without warning Alan came home one day to find his apartment cleaned out. The box for “homicide” was left unchecked. What “male violence” does occur may well be the result of custody disputes more often than it is the cause, after all, since common sense would again suggest that fathers with no previous proclivity to violence could very well erupt when their children are arbitrarily taken from them.

Hill kept returning. Like virtually all men in their position, none realized that such a thing could happen until it did. A judge could simply decide that, prima facie, neither the father nor the children have committed any infraction that justifies their being forcibly separated, that they have a fundamental human and constitutional right not to be forcibly separated, and that neither the mother nor the court has any grounds to separate them. Mississippi law dictates that a doctor or higher credentialed nurse make decisions on medical interventions.

Seventeen states have no rules or oversight mechanisms for local jails, according to Reuters research and a pending study by Michele Deitch, a corrections specialist at the Lyndon B. Johnson School of Public Affairs at the University of Texas. “God Almighty,” he said, dragging a hand over his face. Then, after an injury left him without an adequate income he found himself in jail for failure to pay child support.

Fathers are also ordered by courts into employment, the wages from which are then confiscated. A rising share have contracted their healthcare to private companies. West, his town of 185 people, is intersected by a four-lane highway in Mississippi’s rural Holmes County. If she has no place to go, she will be told that by accusing the father of sexual or physical abuse, however vaguely (often simply stating that she is “in fear”), she can easily obtain a restraining order immediately forcing him out of the family home. “And we’ll get you some help.”. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Reuters only considered jails to have privatized or contracted care if they relied on a company to manage and staff the facility’s entire healthcare operation. These were mostly older children in families where there had been open violence and where the children had lived with the fear that the violence would hurt a parent or themselves.”. Sheriff’s spokeswoman Kim Cannaday said he “was released out of our custody” before he died.

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The Justice Department’s Bureau of Justice Statistics has collected inmate mortality data for two decades – but statistics for individual jails are withheld from the public, government officials and oversight agencies under a 1984 law limiting the release of BJS data. Agency officials say that discretion is critical because it encourages sheriffs and police to report their deaths data each year. Courts routinely order fathers whose children have been taken from them involuntarily and with no grounds to support those children financially.

“If she’d gotten prompt care, they could have reversed the effects of those drugs.”. But the death rate from drug and alcohol overdoses rose about 72% amid the opioid epidemic. In July 2018, Kyra Warner, 30, went quiet about 90 minutes after arriving at the jail. More than 2,000 took their own lives amid mental breakdowns, including some 1,500 awaiting trial or indictment. Tom’s court order preventing him from discussing a vegetarian diet with his children is not unusual. The guards said Hill was combative and their force was justified. (Giving sole custody to the left-behind parent, as some have proposed, would naturally create a stronger deterrent.) a subreddit to discuss Baton Rouge/New Orleans/Louisiana music, lifestyle & gang culture. The news organization tracked jail deaths over the dozen years from 2008 to 2019 to create the largest such database outside of the Justice Department. Parents’ discussions with their children about matters such as religion and politics may also be controlled by family court judges. For their part, a few fathers’ groups have countered by filing federal class action suits claiming abrogation of civil rights “under color of law”, including denial of due process and equal protection. She lay unresponsive as they checked her periodically over two hours – until medical staff found no pulse. The report delays are “an outrage,” said Representative Bobby Scott, a Virginia Democrat who co-authored the original reporting law in 2000 with a Republican colleague. And bail requirements trap poorer inmates in pre-trial detention for long periods.


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