wild west names female
Poker Alice died at age 79 in 1930 after a gall bladder operation gone bad.

21. He served during the Cold War and has traveled to many countries around the world. American actress Jane Russell stars as Wild West sharpshooter Calamity Jane in "The Paleface.".

This is one of the last recorded stagecoach robberies in the U.S. contains many interesting names, which have fallen out of favor over Cowgirl names might be vintage, like Bonnie and Lula or newly-minted, such as Blaze and River.

Known as the “Bandit Queen,” Belle Starr was born in 1848 as Myra Maybelle Shirley, but she soon grew into a rebellious spirit. McKnight was a con man, and he took all her money and left her in serious debt. Our motto is “We try until we succeed!”, Contact us at admin@historyandheadlines.com, Guidelines and Policies for Images used on This Site, as well as for Guest and Sponsored Articles. Born Myra Belle Shirley in 1848, she was a member of Jesse James’s Younger gang and helped commit a string of robberies and other crimes in the Wild West. 2. There are rumors that she owned a boarding house during her time in the west as well. Hooking up with an outlaw named Joe Boot (not her husband) she went on a crime spree robbing stagecoaches. Sacagawea.

Read More, Beau suggests someone devilishly handsome, with a large measure of southern charm—a nice image to bestow on your boy.

Though she was hospitalized five times, no one ever discovered her secret. One time when he was arrested and locked up for killing a man in self-defense, Kate set fire to an old building. The Old West name 100 Southern Girl Names. Get our latest offers and news straight in your inbox, [wpum_login_form psw_link=”yes” register_link=”yes” ], Name Stories: The Perfect & Unique Gift for Someone You Love. There was Wild Bill Hickok, Jesse James, Billy the Kid, and Butch Cassidy. veterans.

Growing up, we had a red heeler named Sheila, so an Australian name … The Pony Express and the building of the transcontinental railway.

She was known to wear a riding dress of black velvet while wearing a plumed hat, six guns on her hips, and riding a lady like side-saddle! Ten years later, she bought her own land for $250, making her one of the first black women to own land in Los Angeles. Thank you! Major Dan is a retired veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Anderson practiced medicine for 47 years and didn’t retire until she was 84.

If your dog loves to run the range, or just wishes he could, consider one of these Western dog names to give him or her some cool country attitude.

Nameberry is a registered trademark of Nameberry, LLC. If she seemed a little unstable, it is worth noting that her mother and her daughter both spent time in insane asylums. She was also known to physically accost patrons. She once told the Dallas Morning News that she was “a friend to any brave and gallant outlaw.” Starr was mysteriously murdered in 1889.

There’s something so romantic about the dusty, loosely settled lands of the American Wild West and the adventurous, fearless pioneers who settled in this new frontier. 1871 – after 1928. Her lifelong alcoholism may have contributed to her death. A fellow TMPer asked about a random name generator for the Old West ( TMP link), and that reminded me that I was almost 90% finished with a dice-driven name generator for Gutshot before I got sidetracked and never finished it. list is populated with hundreds of names from the 1850's through the the Editors of Publications International, Ltd. To any guest readers, please keep that in mind when commenting on articles. Winning spectacular sums, she would take her winnings to New York City and promptly spend them on fancy clothes.

Born with the less intimidating name of Martha Jane Canary, Jane was a rough and tumble character known for “Indian” fighting (Native-Americans) and being a friend of Wild Bill Hickock. Cowboy & cowgirl name generator This name generator will generate 10 names from the 'Wild West' era, along with a nickname based on those used for some cowboys back in those days.

They escaped and remained together until Holliday died. She continued to dive horses until 1942. After that, her life becomes a mystery. They were caught and during her sentencing, she said, “I shall not consent to be tried under a law in which my sex had no voice in making.” She served some of her sentence, but became pregnant in prison and was quickly pardoned by the governor.

Williams had him arrested. As news spread of the expedition, the American imagination took hold and many adventurers and entrepreneurs headed West seeking fortune. Check out this list of 155 country dog names that will have you screaming, "Yee-haw!" Would-be mail thieves didn’t stand a chance against Stagecoach Mary, who sported men’s clothing, a bad attitude and two guns. Weird & Wacky, Copyright © 2020 HowStuffWorks, a division of InfoSpace Holdings, LLC, a System1 Company. Jane was played in movies by Jean Arthur, Jane Russell, Doris Day, Yvonne De Carlo (aka Lily Munster), and Ellen Barkin, Stephanie Powers and Anjelica Huston among others. The madam of a brothel in Cripple Creek, Colorado, Pearl did not run just some cheap bordello. It popped up as a first name on the quirky Dr. Arizona Robbins, introduced... Read More, More often used as a boys' name, parents have also been choosing Austin for their little girls - as the 151 female Austins born in the US in 2015 demonstrate. February 5, 1909: First Plastic Invented was called Bakelite!

Yet more than a century later, American parents are adopting tribal Native American names for their children (Dakota, Cheyenne). She became the lead diving girl for William “Doc” Carver’s team.

The Old West is perhaps one of the most colorful pieces of American history. Thomas Jefferson really set the wheels in motion with the Louisiana Purchase (1803) and the financing of the Meriwether Lewis and William Clark first transcontinental expedition to the Pacific Ocean (1804-1806).


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