zheng shuang and yang yang dramas

she's so shy around people and cameras. I'm currently watching love o2o I'm hoping that someday they can be together in real life. I think she used to be more cheerful in the past. Copyright © 2020 38jiejie.com. Yang Yang Explains Why He Doesn’t Have Much Friends, Yang Yang Sings “Love O2O’s” Ending Song Once Again Since Series Aired Four Years Ago. Zheng Shuang’s fans said she should be filming a modern drama next. I wonder if it's just her persobality or she develop it post break up with Zhabg Han.

hope you guys find real happiness in life. Perhaps owing to …, Fans of Yang Yang are in for a treat as he has recently shared some personal childhood photos on his Weibo …, A celebrity’s actions are often subject to public scrutiny, and something no matter how trivial could end up offending people. They are the perfect couple in Love O2O in drama.

I am also a big fan of love 020 and both them after watching this.

Yang Yang Zheng Shuang Wedding Photoshoot in Drama (Not Real-life) In an upcoming drama episode of 'Alluring Smile' 《微微一笑很倾城》, where Zheng Shuang plays Yang Yang's girlfriend, the couple eventually married and had a wedding photoshoot. Reply.

“QingCheng” is China’s favorite ship – from the phenomenally successful modern campus drama Love O2O – played by Yang Yang (杨洋) and Zheng Shuang (郑爽). I just hope Zheng Shuang will stay healthy and happy.

The storyline revolves around “Princess Zhu Yan” from a tribe in the Kongsang Dynasty who escapes from her wedding day. I’ve recapped three dramas with her in it so far so I guess I’m pretty familiar with her. And I think they are made for each other. I wish her nothing but great happiness whether with Yang Yang or this dude.

Choi Siwon dating ex-girlfriend Liu Wen? I hope this movie will be in hindi so that I can understand it perfectly and enjoy it more. Rumors started circulating that Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang would star in “Zhu Yan”, which is an adaptation of the novel of the same name by fantasy literature author, Yue Cang (沧月). They together look so amazing. I am a great fan of love 020. There were also a lot of people who said the female lead is Rocket Girls 101 member, Yang Chaoyue (杨超越). Unknown. They haven’t announced the leads yet, but according to the casting poster, it already said, “male and female leads are already set and A-list”. Maybe i am still immersed in the acts of the drama rather than the reality. (karma goes to those people who keeps on hating her), After watching love 020 I don't like tho watch any other movie only watching that day and night.

I wish Yang Yang and zheng shuang would be for long life. I hope that you'll be a real couple in the future. Rumour has it that they are back together again. I hope my prayers could help them to get together.

I hope she's okay though. I am also rooting for yang yang and zheng shuang.

The fate of the Kongsang Dynasty follows the destiny of “Zhu Yan” as it changes directions, including a small mermaid, Sumo, that she had adopted, which changes Kongsang’s entire destiny. Zheng was also chosen … Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I sincerely hope she could get together with Yang Yang. If his current boyfriend righ now can make her feel comfortable and secure then ill support them w/ all my heart. I love both of them!

Why Love and Redemption's Tortured Hero is Like Ashes of Love, YouTube Video VVV0SFF4REgtQmFtQXEzdk9BUVl3QzhBLjU2QjQ0RjZEMTA1NTdDQzY=, Viann Zhang and He Jie hold intimate wedding in Shanghai, Yang Yang Shares Adorable Childhood Photos in Military Attire, Dylan Sprouse Apologizes for Misunderstanding Over Ashtray Photo, Tan Songyun’s Manager Apologises for Indirect …. Because these rumors were coming from “yxh (yingxiaohao) accounts”, many of Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang’s fans were not buying it. Praying for SEASON 2 - LOVE 020.

I'm on the last episode of Love O2O and I was hoping she'll end up with Yang Yang. She was insecure about herself while dating Zhang Han, so the plastic surgery. I'm so hook! GOSH! Yang Yang and Dilraba Fall in Love Through Online Gaming in Drama Adaptation of “You Are My Glory”. His nickname is feelings and she’s had him for a while….

It's really saddening to see her in a relationship. Kris Wu holds girlfriend Luyi Luna's hands in carpark; wipes student's wet... Elva Hsiao's new underaged boyfriend Justin Huang Hao, Wang Leehom's wife Lee Jinglei celebrates son Wang Jiayao's 1st birthday, Zhao Liying first day at work after delivering baby son for husband William Feng Shaofeng, Tiffany Tang's baby daughter bump too big to hide, Donnie Yen & Takuya Kimura's daughters grow up; Jasmine Yen & Mitsuki Kimura, Fish Leong divorces husband Tony Chao for dating internet babe, Shawn Yue's son Xiao Yue with wife Sarah Wang seen for first time, Jing Boran falls from 5m stage while filming The Climbers; Jackie Chan co-stars, Irene Chen Ailing shows off seductive pregnancy curves of son with husband Alex; talks about miscarriage, BTS to take 'extended' break for the first time since debut, Jennifer Tse's undercover husband Mark unveiled for benefit of daughter little Ting Ting, Yao Yao shares 32E hourglass figure for birthday by the beach, Beatles fans mark 50 years since iconic Abbey Road photo, Typhoon Lingling to slam S. Korea this weekend, Tens of thousands protest over plans to suspend Parliament, Indonesia to move capital city to eastern Borneo, replacing Jakarta, U.S. yield curve inverts further, pointing to possible recession ahead, Massive wildfires in Amazon rainforest emerging as "global crisis", Disney's video streaming service to debut in November for US$6.99 a month, Brazil sends in army to tackle Amazon rainforest fires, Cristiano Ronaldo and Juventus arrive in Manchester, Dramatic moment avalanche cascades towards village, Liverpool fans react to historic victory over Barcelona, Yang Zi and boyfriend Deng Lun One Night in Beijing; strokes belly as if pregnant, Reaction to collapse of Jamie Oliver’s restaurant chain, Yui Hatano wants to get married by 30; likes not-so-handsome guys, Drone shows glory of Notre-Dame Cathedral before fire, SpaceX Crew Dragon spacecraft explodes in test mishap, Fan Bingbing appears on planet earth again, Song Joongki turns macho for new girlfriend Kim Jiwon in Arthdal Chronicles, Lee Minho hopes to get married to protect girlfriend Bae Suzy. Advertising: sales(@)sporela.com SG +65 6323 3023, US +1 213 438 9998. And they are the cutest couple in the world I think they should be one, Yeah I also want that soon they get marry they are world best cutest couple, Yang yang personality and her personality was like day and night(if you watched divas hit the roads)..if YY really end up be with her in real life then hope YY can make her happy, Yes you are right.

Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), “QingCheng” CP to Reunite? Copyright © 2020. I really love your chemistry and how you're portrayed the character. Zheng Shuang and Yang Yang Rumored to Star in New Fantasy Costume Drama, “Zhu Yan”, Ali Lee Reportedly Loses Out on Another Series while TVB Continues to Freeze Her, Kelly Cheung Reveals 10 Unknown Trivia Facts about Her, Netizens Criticize Zhao Lusi with Derogatory Slang Term, “Green Tea”, Stemming from Her Recent Posts, Huang Zitao Cherishes Memory of His Father with New Song, “You”, Zhao Lusi’s Studio Debunks Rumors She Authored a Deleted Post Saying She Likes Xiao Zhan, Ming Xi Initially Refused to Date Mario Ho Thinking He was a Playboy. The novel is a prequel to the author’s series, “Mirror” (镜). Recent rumors have attached Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang’s names to a fantasy costume drama, “Zhu Yan” (朱颜). Yang Yang has fallen in love onscreen with his co-star Zheng Shuang in the drama 'The Alluring Smile' 《微微一笑很倾城》.

It probably didn’t help with the break up and she’s been spiraling down since then. I am also rooting for yang yang and zheng shuang. Oh boy, it seems like these drama rumors like to always take fans for a joyride. Names are unique; get yours today with a comment! I want this to happen and be them a real life couple. They would make a really nice couple in real life!!!!!! I watch love020 so many time it was the best Chinese drama I've ever watch and that was my first time watching one and I love it so much you guys are the best couple ever i wish it was real life 2019, yah me too i love sheng zhuang and yang yang in real life they have a perfect chemistry i was so disappointed with that news i dont know but i dont like him . Recent rumors have attached Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang’s names to a fantasy costume drama, “Zhu Yan” (朱颜). It is almost like they are FATED 2 be together... Just the way the chemistry is in the air, even if it's only on pictures, it trespass the screen and I can feel it too! Yang Yang Zheng Shuang Wedding Photoshoot in Drama (Not Real-life), In an upcoming drama episode of 'Alluring Smile'. i can somehow relate to this since im also like her. Even though it wasn’t a direct reunion of the fan favorite on-screen couple, “QingCheng CP”, from “Love O2O” (微微一笑很倾城), it was still good enough for fans. they (fans) are cute and not annoying.


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