zima blue meaning

And he can barely remember what he used to be like. Some people don’t even try. The woman eventually died, and the machine was passed from owner to owner, each adding more functionality and upgrades to the robot until it became Zima Blue.

That was his job, his world, and his purpose. Claire is astounded and confused by the story, and Zima reveals that his name and the blue color actually come from the color of the pool tiles: the first thing he ever saw.

Zima, according to the rumor, originally started out doing portraits. You mentioned that everyone owes it to themselves to have that journey of exploration. People say “you’ve got to find your purpose”, but what does that actually mean? Zima, according to the rumor, originally started out doing portraits. Zima Blue . But ironically, trying is how you do it. I feel like the world would be a better place if more people were on that journey. The world got its hands on Zima Blue, and turned him into what they required of him. Only through his search for truth in the unknown did he discover that he already had what he was searching for. Purpose is interesting because it’s one of those buzz words. Zima underwent many cybernetic procedures to the point where he could physically tolerate any environmental condition without the need of a protective suit, and even transcending the need for oxygen. We have to expose ourselves to the unknown, because only in that realm of uncertainty can we find our purpose. There are two main themes in this episode, and both are things that basically all people deal with. He went from tirelessly scrubbing the sides of the pool to cleaning the floors and the grooves between tiles. So please pull up a chair and let’s talk Zima Blue.

He only needed to look inside and reflect to discover that what he needed and yearned for was within him. The final conclusion could be interpreted in many different ways.

Claire explains how this artist made his mark in the world of art. Where Zima Blue differs with the Christian conception is that in the latter, after we voluntarily leave the world, we retain our free will instead of reverting to a mindless automaton. Everything you have ever experienced has led you to this present moment.

And it might not necessarily mean that we find it in the unknown, but that we realize we already have our purpose. Long ago, there was a brilliant young woman who was incredibly interested in robotics. But eventually he desired to find deeper meaning, and looked to gain his inspiration from elsewhere. If you got something out of the post, please subscribe to the mailing list! Zima Blue is based on the short story of the same name written by Alastair Reynolds, who also wrote the original story for Beyond the Aquila Rift. I want to thank y’all for talking humans with me today. Claire was fascinated with Zima, even though she really wasn’t interested in art. I saw that as a metaphor for giving up the trappings of this world - the pursuit of power, money, fame, material comfort - and reverting back to our original state in the Garden: a creature simply desiring to please and glorify the Creator.


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