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Los Angeles upside down!

My loves, as I’m currently in stunningly beautiful Istanbul, – Turkey (more to that in another post), I still wanted to share one of my favorite looks from L.A. with you. With a climate that feels summer-all-year round, a Californian’s fashion repertoire is a little more dressed-down compared to other countries. Fun, light, casual & relaxed would be the perfect way to describe Cali’s fashion sense… But those who follow me for quite some time now know that I don’t follow any rule when it comes to fashion, so why not bringing a bit class within an all-black-everything look to…

Comfy knits.

Breathing in this fresh, crisp air after being sick and in bed for almost a week, never felt better… I’ve spent the day outside, taking a long walk and slowly getting back into “work” mood. I’ve been living in comfy sweaters lately and thought I’d be sharing a little round up of my favorite knits that I love wearing at the moment. Xx Maya

Military style.

It’s no secret that military fashion as a trend is nothing new. But it is the fact that the trend keeps on updating every year, which makes military items a cult staple. This traditional masculine look can be styled to embrace a tomboy aura or paired with delicate fitting items, to give it something distinctly feminine. I clearly went for the feminine option. 😉     While I usually wear classics and keep a low profile by never overdoing trends, this time I went all in. Boots, coat, hat  – All At Once. Military style in full swing!!! When it…

Style guide# á la Beret

Let your hat do the talking this season. The beret is back bigger than ever. This “cliche´” french accessory is the seasons must have item. Without a doubt, berets are a classic and no hat collection is complete without it.   You can simply finish off any look with a beret. It will instantly uplift every style into a chic look. There are a few ways to wear a beret, they’re even guidelines how you are supposed to wear’em, but at this point I’m not gonna restrict you on how to wear your beret! What I’m gonna tell you though,…

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