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Freeing the soul.

I’m sure we all agree, that there is no better place in California, rather than the beach. Nothing cleanses the soul more like a fresh breeze of ocean air while listening to the waves collide into rocks. Being at the beach to me, means freedom. It gives me an instant feeling of complete relaxation, stillness and puts my entire awareness into the now. Detoxifying the body through food and workout is essential to most of us, but we sometimes forget to detox our soul. Stressful days at work, bad vibes, energy, people or simply circumstances affect our soul & our…

20 facts about me… that you might not know.

While putting together this post, I realize how little you guys actually know about me… As we keep growing together as such a great community and you my loves are becoming such a big part of my life, I thought it would be fun to give you guys some more insights of me. So today, I’ll be sharing 20 random facts that might be interesting to know about me. Ok, ready?! This can be a long one. 😉 People always mispronounce my last name.  ANTIC´ is pronounced; English: AntiTCH – German: AntiTSCH. My height: I am 5’7. I mostly wear…

Living in the NOW!

You might have heard the phrase “the only time we have is now”, or something like “if we are not here now we are not fully living.” Well, we all know that life only unfolds in the present moment. But so often, we let the present slip away. We are so trapped in thoughts of the future or the past that we forget to experience, let alone enjoy, what’s happening right now. Self critical thoughts are also common ways that we stray from the present moment. Everyone agrees to live in the now, but the question is HOW? How are…

Birthday morning surprise!

My loves, the past couple day’s have been absolutely amazing. I’ve been running around with a huge smile on my face all day long and I couldn’t be happier. Tuesday morning, May 9th 2017. Since I was a child, I always loved waking up to things. The moment of surprise when you open your eyes, still half asleep, is unbeatable. So as you can imagine, I was close to tears when waking up to this astounding breakfast on my special day. The most wonderful flower box, champagne, macarons, croissants and fresh fruits. Simply to die for. As it couldn’t get…

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