Cravings# current bag obsession!

10 designer bags to invest in, for Spring/Summer 2016.

The obsession is real lovelies. They are a few things that make fashion lovers speechless, but there is one exception: a classic handbag. A iconic desinger purse can only described by somebody who has held one in their own hands. Although these bags are pricey, we can all agree that these purchases should be treated more as investments, rather than expensive gifts. They will never lose their charm, admirable qualities, or value, which means every women should have at least one classic designer handbag in their collection.

These are my fav iconic designer it- bags, for Spring/Summer 2016.

Happy shopping lovelies. Xx Maya

Shop my fav it-bags!

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    I swatched everything for about 20 mnutes too and couldn't find anything I liked enough except the bronzers. I have the soleil tan de Chanel too but still got the gilty bronze bronzing stick. It's really nice though!

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