Detox (De)light.

Some of you may have already spotted a little detox-preview on my Instagram, so I thought it’s about time to give you guys a full detailed review on my juice cleanse with Detox Delight.

You all know my obsession with food. Eating is just one of my favorite hobbies and I never thought I would give up on it for 3 days. But call me crazy – I HAVE DONE IT. Out of curiosity and because I’ve heard so much about it, I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse and wanted to see how it effects my body .

What kind of juice cleanse did I do?

I love green smoothies, so I decided to go with a little more advanced version of the detox cleanse, the Super Green Delight. It consists 6 juices per day; Lemonade, 2 Green’s, 2 Super Green’s and a Nut milk. Each bottle contains 500ml juice out of 2kg organic vegetables & fruits. All juices are raw, organic, cold pressed, vegan and gluten-free.

How to?

As an absolut coffee lover it was really hard for me to skip my morning coffee, but I tried to force myself and instead of coffee I started each morning with a glass of hot lemon water. Afterwards, I started my juice cleanse with drink number 1: an alkaline lemonade, followed by 4 green/super green juices and finished my day with a protein rich nut milk.

Did I experience some detox symptoms?

Especially on day 1 I felt very sleepy, a little less concentrated and had a slight headache all day long. Detoxing can be very different from person to person, just like all our bodies are different, the reactions and results of detoxing are also very individuel.

Did I loose weight?

I know that many of you have been waiting for this answer, unfortunately I have to dissapoint you on this – I don’t have a scale. Yes, you heard it right… I rather go by how I feel and all I can say – I felt amazing. I experienced a flatter tummy, I had lots of energy (especially on day 2 & 3) and my skin started glowing after just 1 day of detoxing.

My personal favorites  –  Green, Super Green & Nut Milk.

Even being on the go was never a problem. I had to work thoughout the entire detox time and my days are usually quite hectic, so not putting thoughts to “what to eat next, or where to eat” was a game changer for me. Detox Delight was the perfect “on the go” essential.

All in all, I was concerned of being hungy all the time, but the truth is I felt surprisingly good. Drinking one juice every 2 hours keept me busy and full throughout the day. I’m super  happy that I tried Detox Delight and would most likely do it again. Mainly in preperation before a model shoot. One thing I can assure, my skin looked more radiant, my belly felt flatter, and I had lots of energy, especially on day 2 & 3.

Have some of you already tried a juice cleanse? What are your experiences?

Xx Maya

*In friendly collaboration with Detox Delight.

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