Detox round #2.

Since summer is in full swing and super hot temperatures are in the air, I decided to give my body a bit of a food “break” again. It has been almost exactely 9 months since the last time I detoxed, so I thought it was about time for round #2. Most of you have been following along my 3 day juice cleanse on Instagram and you’ve been asking me on how it went this time and how I felt through out these three days.

Soooo, let’s give you guys some more insights on my second detox journey with Detox Delight.

I started my very first juice cleanse ever (read all about it here) back in 2016 and absolutely loved the experience. The ultimative selution to maintaining a great metabolism on a nutrient – rich juice cleanse. A couple things have changed since the last time I detoxed, such as; the packaging and the ml. Other than that, the taste is as yummy as ever!

Some more facts:

What kind of juice cleanse did I do this time?

Since I dived right into the advanced juice game with almost only green juices last time, I wanted to try something more “classic” and more “fruity” this time. So I decided to go for the Juice Delight cleanse. 5 selected cold-pressed juice compositions and 1 nut milk daily, for 3 days straight. On top of that, I wanted to give my body a bit of an extra boost on superfoods and added the Beauty Shot Collection.

How to?

Same procedure as my first juice cleanse. Except, I had to start my morning with a coffee this time. I know, shame on me, but I’m just keeping it real here as always. I’d say it’s really up to you, whether or not you have a cup of coffee in the morning. Shortly after, I had my first Beauty Shot, followed by Juice #1. All the other juices are consumed every 2h + finishing off with the nut milk latest at 7pm.

Beauty Shot Collection

These new boosters intensify the effect of your juice cleanse. In addition to your daily juices, you take two 60 ml Beauty Shots every day. I drank them morning & night and absolutely loved how awake I felt after. My personal favorites are: Immun Booster (tumeric/ ginger/lemon); Skin Hydrater (aloe vera/lime) & Free Radical Catcher (acai-berry/goji-berry/betroot/lemon).

What was the difference to my first detox experience?

To be perfectly honest with you guys, in comparison I liked it even more this time. Especially the varity of juice flavors made it very easy for me to pull through. And not to mention the amazing Beauty Shots, which I’m officially obsessed with now.


It was a great experience again, I loved all 3 days of detoxing.  I was fairly busy over the course of these three days and it was super hot outside, which made it super easy for me to stay strong and get in those juices. I felt absolutely amazing, refreshed, light, and most of all rejuvenated.

Curious about your juice cleanse detox! Let me know about your experiences…

Xx Maya

*A big thank you to Detox Delight for supporting my detox.

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