Digital detox.

It’s ok to stop and pause for a minute…

It can be so wonderfully inspiring, we get to connect with people from all over the world, we are getting entertained whenever we want, and it allows us to create amazingly perfect images from wherever we are, while taking our followers along the journey. The digital world!!! Social media and the world wide web, became the biggest entertainment thing on planet earth. It’s a wonderful toy box and you can use it for just about everything… If we have a question — we simply ask google, one click, and we ordered that new pair of jeans, we fall asleep over Netflix, we come home turn on the TV while browsing the internet and scrolling through Instagram to be up to date. Digital devices and being online 24/7 has become absolute natural to us. It almost seems like we’ve forgotten what really matters though. We meet up for dinner, to eventually both end up on our phones. We’ve all been there don’t we?! I mean, no hard complaints on my end, in fact the internet is a wonderful tool for me to not only use it on a personal level, (looooove a good Netflix and chill night), but also to outlet my creativity through my blog and Instagram. It even let me transform my baby “All At Once”, into a part of my everyday job. I am forever grateful for that, but I’ve learned if we are not capable of cutting or balancing our digital consuming, it consumes us and can get out of control easily, no matter if privately used or using it for your job. Just like any other job, blogging comes with pros and cons. To be exact, being a blogger nowadays mostly means, people want you to provide content at least once a day, you need to be active and available 24/7, working 24/7. But when do we actually rest? When do we take the time to really enjoy life’s treasures, not only through the eyes of our camera lenses but to actually be there fully without documenting it?! The urge to do more, be more and create more just because the world around us seems to move fast, super fast… higher, wider, stronger, quicker seems to be the motto here — really frightens me! Social media can be a great thing, no question about it, and I’m not saying we need to abandon social media for good. But too much of a good thing can absolutely be harmful. I love what I do don’t get me wrong, but stepping away sometimes to connecting to the “real world” properly, by simply being with my family and friends without my devises to distract me, is essential for me to regain and reboots my creativity… to live a joyful life. A digital detox now and then is a true game changer for me and I’m pretty sure for everyone.

I am an artist through and through, CREATING is my life essence… in whatever form. I love to inspire the people around me (speaking of my blog inspiring YOU my sincere readers), is vital to me!!!! Valuable content where you can grasp from, with great input, something you can be inspired by, to tempt you’re own creativity from, or simply any kind of advice that you can take away for yourself that I give you, all THAT is what I want to provide you! Whether here on the blog or with content on my Instagram. In order for my creativity to flow, I need gabs of time for myself, which for the most part include NO PHONE. Even though, I am a blogger. I believe it is necessary for all of us to unplug from any kind of technology sometimes to reconnect to the abundant beauty of life more often!

So know, next time you find myself being OFFLINE… I am most likely doing one of these wonderful things that I listed below!!! Enjoying the REAL LIFE and will be back with new, fresh, inspiring content for you guys soon.


If you are reading this, I’d like to encourage you to take time away from your screens too sometimes. You can use my easy tips below for a successful digital detox, yet also to simply declutter your life from negativity & negative thoughts, to limit your stress level and to basically recharge your batteries. BUT AGAIN NO PHONES/DEVICES INCLUDED!!!


Take a social media break.

Sometimes just stepping away from the computer and phone is all you need. I found that my mind gets so saturated with content from so many different sources that it can cloud my own creativity. When this happens it’s time to take a break… For how long you ask?! As long as you feel like it’s needed! For me it was more than 2 weeks this time, sometimes 24h are enough. Try to really listen to your body, he knows best. Take as much digital detox, as often as you need it.

Step away from social media.

As I mentioned above, stepping away from especially social media for a while is essential. It truly reeboosts your own creativity and the things you focuse on become clearer. What we consume, – the books we read, music we listen to, television, movies and SOCIAL MEDIA we watch, – has a direct effect on our mental health and well-being. If you notice you’re filling yourself up with negativity or with things that are not life-giving… CHANGE IT!!! Not to mention, as hard it may sound, unfollowing certain accounts that give you negative vibes is also very helpful… I know it’s all so political these days, but if there is someone who makes you feel smaller or less worth, or you get some kind of a negative feeling when following their content, remove them.

Get outside.

There is nothing like some fresh air to clear my mind. Whenever I’m all caught up, I go outside and take a walk!!! Taking a long walk, spending a day at the beach or lake, do some outfoor activities… It will do wonders, I promise. Try to simply enjoy nature by being there fully, whatever you’ll do outside take in every breath, every moment and realize how wonderful mother nature and this life is.

Work out.

Honestly guys, I don’t exactly love working out but it is just the absolute best for you, – mentally & physically. To me personally, the endorphins work wonders on my mental health and you’re doing your body a serious favor, too. I always feel soooo much better after a great workout, even if it’s temporarily, that “high” always puts me in a positive place. Try working out to clear your head, or maybe even pick up a new hobby. LOVE yoga & Pilates.

Read a book.

Just detach a little from reality. Read a book or even a magazine, –  something that gives you great mental input. Allow your mind to enter a space that doesn’t revolve around your issues. Notice how you feel while reading, feel the ease that comes with it. I love to read books that help me with my self-development.

Have a self care day.

This is probably my absolute favorite one, besides all the other great things to do… I LOVE to detox from social media, stress or whatever I need a break from, with a self care/pamper/I do what I want day. Taking the time to do what YOU want to do is a game changer. For me that’s baking, putting on a face mask, enjoying a great book while eating lots of chocolate + vino and pizza of course, reorganizing my apartment, making plans (travel, home projects, events, items I want to buy, etc.), a spa day, a super relaxing Thai massage, a Sunday in bed, cooking a delicious new dinner for myself, or simply listening to some zen meditation music while meditating.


Another great one, which deserves its own topic. It took me a while to actually understand the benefits of meditation, and it took me even longer to really practice it. Quieting the mind is so essential, — and meditation is life. Try it out for yourself!

Spend time with your Family & friends.

No-brainer!!! The moment I feel most alive is, when I’m with my family & true friends! (By true I mean the people you really trust and care about, the ones that know you at your peak and at your lowest, the ones who love you unconditionally.) Having real conversations with your loved ones, being there fully and paying them your entire attention is priceless. Order some pizza, get some wine and talk for hours; my idea of a perfect girls night or even date night. Your loved ones will appreciate it and it’s just so joyful. Or why don’t you bake, or buy a cake and visit your parents house?! Maybe you want to visit your grandma/grandparents. Whoever you call your family, cherish the ones you love by paying them a visit, — while being there with your entire presence! SO LIFE-GIVING!

Walk your dogs.

If you have dogs, go for a long walk BUT leave your phone at home!!! I keep seeing it everywhere, people walk their dogs while they’re on their phone the entire time, — texting or chatting. A big NO to that! Really try to enjoy the time with your little one/s, enjoy playing with him/her. They will thank you for that and it is even rewarding for yourself, it really is. If you don’t have a dog, maybe you have a friend who has one, or you get a foster dog for a day. Trust me it is so wonderful.


As this topic means a lot to me, I am very curious to hear YOUR thoughts about it, please let me know in the comments below. Xx

6 comments on Digital detox.

  • Pierre

    Hello , miss you to much . You’re absolutely right about everything you wrote about , and maybe we have to return to real world and enjoy every moment without having a mobile device in the hand . Good luck and courage to you ❤️

  • Maya (author)

    Thank you my dear! Yes, it is very good for you to just be off the phone sometimes. Social Media in moderation. But I will never quit! I will do my absolute best to continously create great content for you guys! xx

  • Kristoff

    Ich hab dich wirklich vermisst!

    Du bereicherst meinen Alltag und jeden einzelnen Moment 🙂

  • Träumerkatze

    Liebe Maya, Dein Blogpost war mal wieder wunderbar. Ich mag Deine Art wie du schreibst und es liegt soviel Wahrheit darin. Mach weiter und vergesse nie, Dir ab und zu Dein „digital detox“ zu nehmen.
    Danke, alles Liebe Träumerkatze.

  • Maya (author)

    Deine Kommentare und Liebe, die du mir entgegen brings,t ist einzigartig lieber Kristoff – vielen DANK! <3 :-*

  • Maya (author)

    Liebste Träumerkatze, was für wundervolle Worte!!! Das freut mich wirklich sehr, da mir dieser Post sehr am Herzen liegt! Vielen, lieben DANK für dieses wirklich schöne Feedback! Bedeutet mir viel :-* Aller liebste Grüße <3

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