Everything gold.

It is the perfect finish to any outfit, and shows off our own style and personality like nothing else. Jewelry adds sparkle, adds glamour… or minimalistic worn, it just underlines your femininity.


As far as I can remember, I’ve been collecting beautiful jewelry. My collection goes from the latest trends, which are fashionable and affordable — to gorgeous, pricier antique finds… from chunkier, to smaller treasures. Some I wear every day, some only on special occasions. You can find just about everything in my jewelry box. One thing is for sure though it is everything gold. Today I’ll be showing you a glimpse of my collection.


I love trendy/fashionable pieces of jewelry, who are gold-plated and affordable. On the other hand, I love timeless/classy pieces which I like splurge on sometimes. When it comes to my every-day jewelry, it is quite simple though it needs to be delicate!!!


Special pieces.


My Chanel necklace, I purchased 10 years ago when I graduated from acting school I remember it cost me a furtone and I worked so hard for it, but I still love wearing it occasionally and think it will go to the grave with me. The Cartier love bracelet & ring is another one I love for many reasons. Those unique treasures never go out of style, and have a special family meaning to me!


Statement ring

This Art Déco ring is my most special piece of jewelry. My beloved grandma gave it to me, before she passed away. She was a true, old fashion lady. Grandma would never leave the house without plenty of lavish pieces around her fingers and neck. Perfectly styled from head to toe, — like those ladies from the old 30s. I’ve been laying my eyes on this ring since I was a kid. I remember, whenever she allowed me to wear it for a bit, — on my way to little fingers, I’ve been feeling like a little princess. Years later, day’s before she left us, she gave this ring to me and told me I should wear it in her honor and take care of it. As you can imagine, this ring means the world to me.


Delicate necklaces


Another obsession of mine, cute necklaces. With initials, plane, layered, with small diamonds or ornaments. Loving my initial & bicycle necklaces from Ariane Ernst lately.


Delicate rings

Besides my statement ring from my grandma, these 2 babies are the most special to me. I wear them EVERY SINGLE DAY! My best friend Sarah surprised me with one of them, 10 years ago for my birthday. It’s a sympol for our magnificent & unique connection, – a never ending soulmate bond kept within a ring! Our friendship is so special — and so is this ring! The other ring is as important to me, I got it from my parents and it should always remind me of their unconditional love towards me. My good luck charm, every day!


Earrings, watch & bracelets


When it comes to earrings I like to wear small diamonds daily, yet change it into chunkier pieces on special occasions/outfits. On my wrist, I usually wear my Cartier love bracelet paired with other gold bangles and whenever I feel like wearing a watch, I wear my Daniel Wellington.

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