Freeing the soul.

I’m sure we all agree, that there is no better place in California, rather than the beach. Nothing cleanses the soul more like a fresh breeze of ocean air while listening to the waves collide into rocks. Being at the beach to me, means freedom. It gives me an instant feeling of complete relaxation, stillness and puts my entire awareness into the now.

Detoxifying the body through food and workout is essential to most of us, but we sometimes forget to detox our soul. Stressful days at work, bad vibes, energy, people or simply circumstances affect our soul & our inner peace.

No matter if you are at the beach or not, find a quiet, supportive environment with little else to do other than calming the mind and allowing the body to detoxify and restore its strength.


*In friendly collaboration with Free People.

2 comments on Freeing the soul.

  • Annie

    So wahre Worte

    Das Kleid steht dir sehr sehr gut, du siehst aus wie eine Göttin ‍♀️✨
    Einfach Traumhaft

  • Maya (author)

    Meine süsse Annie, viiiiielen DANK! Ich freue mich riesig hier Feedback auf dem BLog von dir zu bekommen <3 DANKE DANKE DANKE! Du bist einfach zuckersüss :-*
    Xx Maya

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