Good morning California.

“Go where you feel most alive” they say. If there is one place on earth, besides the ice, where I feel most at home & alive… It would be – Los Angeles. It has been exactly 8 years since I first moved to LA, to pursue my dream and study acting in Hollywood. This city has my heart ever since. Having Los Angeles as my second home has always been one of my life goals. There is no place you can compare. The vibe, the people, the weather… I can go on and on, but most of all, the opportunities you have in this city are simply unique.

Super exciting weeks are lying ahead of me, and I’m eager to share many more great adventures with you my loves. Make sure to stay tuned for business & personal insights, fashion posts aaaaand of course LA insider tips!

Biggest kisses from LA.

Xx, Maya ❤︎

2 comments on Good morning California.

  • Nina

    MAYA man, wow der absolute WAHNSINN! Du bist einfach die krasseste Frau ever. Toller style und süss geschrieben. LA steht ganz oben auf meiner to do liste, freu mich auf weitere tips von dir. Viel spaß :-*

    Liebste Grüße Ninaaa <3

  • Kristoff

    Wie kann man nach so einem langen Flug nur soooo umwerfend aussehen..

    Da will man(n) dir gleich nachreisen..!

    Eine Postkarte bitte an ***** 😀

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