In my bag# Berlin Fashion Week edition.

A much requested post over the past months has been ” what’s in my bag”. Since Fashion week madness is about to start next week, I thought it would be fun to finally show you guys what I have with me while I’m running around from A to B during Berlin Fashion week.

  1. iPhone: Probably the most important thing I need during this trip. Connecting, phone calls, pictures, social media updates, videos and last but not least to snap all the events I’m attending to give you guys some more insights. Make sure to follow along on my Instastories to be part of my fashion week journey. (@Maya_antic)
  2. Wallett: I might carry a lot of stuff with me, but my wallett needs to be as small as possible. Basically all I need: my creditcards, business cards, starbucks card and some cash.
  3. Lipgloss: Do I really need to say something to it?! I mean, ladies, I am sure you all know that Lipgloss/Lipstick is essential to any outfit. Either you carry a heavy nude tone like me, or some bold red; either way lipstick is a great finish to any look you are wearing during FW.
  4. Eye patches: The days can be quite long and the nights quite short. Trust me, you will need them.  I’m currently loving the ones from Annemarie Börlind.
  5. Hydrating primer: My skin tends to dry out during the day, so I always make sure to use a hydrating primer before applying any make-up/powder. A great base for any foundation and your skin is hydrated all day long.
  6. Compact powder: Like I already said, the days are usually long and street photographers are waiting on every corner to take a perfect shot. Make sure to make a touch up every 2h. Guaranteed: The matte – look is also selfie approved. My favorite go-to compact powder at the moment is the Chanel Les Beige.
  7. Snack: While there is lot’s of food during all the parties and events, running around from one thing to another can be fairly exhausting, so I always make sure to carry a little something with me. Loving a good chocolate bar on the go.
  8. Sunglasses: Sunnies to me are simply irreplaceable. They can be true lifesavers throughout the entire week.
  9. Note pad/pen: While most of the notes I take during Fashion Week are saved on my phone, I still love to carry a small note pad with me. Proven to be very helpfull! I mean how cool is my “List makers gonna list” note pad from Real Passionates.
  10. Camera: (not pictured) To provide a great content here on my blog, I’m currently using the Canon 700D.

You can find all my Fashion Week essentials below.



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