Living in the NOW!

You might have heard the phrase “the only time we have is now”, or something like “if we are not here now we are not fully living.” Well, we all know that life only unfolds in the present moment. But so often, we let the present slip away. We are so trapped in thoughts of the future or the past that we forget to experience, let alone enjoy, what’s happening right now. Self critical thoughts are also common ways that we stray from the present moment. Everyone agrees to live in the now, but the question is HOW? How are we going to be able to make life a series of present moments & live each minute consciously?

In my early teenage years, I experienced a severe car accident which impacted my life tremendously. Not only was I forced to put an early end to my skating career, I also had a right arm which was paralyzed after the accident. Frankly, at the age of only 14, I felt lost. Not to say that my childhood was a nightmare, not at all, by any means, but I certainly had to face things who were beyond average. While I was still recovering I started questioning my life, I was simply looking for answers. I was mad, sad and I had all kinds of mixed emotions and feelings, I was totally overwhelmed by everything. My mind became such a noisy brain that I felt like I couldn’t think one clear thought anymore. It felt like being a prisoner in my own head. I was constantly imagining a better future, or I found myself dwelling on the past… self-doubt, self criticism, fear of what might be coming and so on. I was literally beating myself up with my thoughts. (I mean, sure, I was only 14 and my life went from being a full time skater absolutely loving my sport and life, to miserable in a quick second.) Until some kind of a switch happened. I was on my way to the doctor’s office, trapped in my head, telling myself this and that again and all of a sudden… I somehow, for the very first time, started to closely pay attention to my thoughts and to what kind of BS I was telling myself the entire time. Deep down I knew this wouldn’t bring me any further and that this needs to stop. I remember it like it was yesterday, only realizing THAT, made me so absolute conscious about my present moment that I felt like the whole world stopped for a second. For the very first time, in a long time, I wasn’t thinking anymore, I was simply in the NOW… I was in full, conscious present. Without judging anything or thinking about the past nor the future. I then realized if we focus all of our attention on the now the mind stops and all there is, is full awareness. All we have is the present moment… All we ever have is a series of now’s! And if we are not able to fully be in the now, we are never going to be able to live and enjoy a truly fulfilled life! Bc life is passing by without even realizing it. As weird as it may sound, looking back at my experience I am quite thankful for it. This accident not only changed my life within a blink of an eye, most importantly it took me on a long spiritual journey to find out about my truest and deepest self and to think about my personal growth and spirituality. And to live a conscious life in the NOW.

The importance of being conscious about your thoughts/mind at all times has been present to me since then. Don’t get me wrong tho, I am not saying you have to have a car accident or some type of accident/turning point in your life to be fully present to make your life more conscious. That is just a part of MY story, what I experienced and what shaped me and my believe system. YOU can start reinventing your life NOW, right this second! By choosing the now, by choosing the present moment! By choosing to focus all your being into this particular moment. Being in the moment frees us to experience life more fully. When you’re truly in the moment there is no room for dwelling on the past or imagining a different sometimes better future. There is no room for self-criticism or overthinking things. You will even see your negative thoughts go away, bc you can’t have a negative thought when you truly are focused on what you are doing right now.

Sure, living a consistently mindful life takes effort. It’s a constant challenge between being in thoughts and trying to stay present without thoughts. You can be mindful at any moment just by paying attention to your immediate experience. I challenge you. Try it out for yourself. What’s happening this instant? Simply observe the moment… What do you hear, smell, or see? It doesn’t matter how it feels, if it’s good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant … just roll with it, bc it’s what’s present. Don’t judge it. And if you find your mind wandering bring yourself back, into the NOW. Hear the bird sing, try to really enjoy every bite of your meal, truly focus on a conversation or simply breathe and feel it, in the MOMENT! See how your entire body and mind becomes conscious and fully present! Make your now’s bold and unique!

Although this journey is challenging and a constant process of trying to be fully present at all times… It’s all gonna be worth it, I assure you, you will find yourself having a much more fulfilled, conscious, enjoyable life.

Let me know about your experiences with being present!??! And remember! Yesterday is long gone, tomorrow is never promised… And ALL we have is NOW!

Xx yours Maya


P.S.: If you are interested in digging in more deeply into this topic, there are also some great books out there. One of my personal favorites that I can highly recommend, is ‘The power of Now‘ by Eckhart Tolle!

18 comments on Living in the NOW!

  • Timo

    Very beautiful & honest piece. Thank you for sharing this very intimate side of you. Love your thoughts, love your perspective! Let’s enjoy life – now!
    PS: Adorable pics as well. Might be my new favorites!

  • Kristoff

    Schön so viel über dich und deine Gedanken zu erfahren.. Nun kann ich sagen, dass Du nicht nur äußerlich sondern auch innerlich schön bist 🙂

    Musste heute an Dich denken 😀 bin an Kassel vorbeigefahren und hätte auch fast ein hübsches Bild geschossen ( Blitzer) 😀

    Und zu dem ersten Bild muss ich mal wieder ein >>Scheisse<< (positiv) raushauen…

  • Nina

    MAYAAAAAAA ❤️ Ich bin absolut sprachlos! Das ist mit Abstand das schönste was ich seit langem gelesen habe!! Du bist so wunderschön und zugleich so empathisch und einzigartig. Der Post ging bei mir mitten ins Herz! Freue mich sehr hoffentlich mehr über deine Sichtweisen und dein Leben in so persönlichen Posts zu erfahren!
    Aller liebste Grüße

  • Chris Thiele

    Maya meine liebe, ich schreib das mal in Englisch für alle. What you wrote may be your story, but we all can infer from it for our lives. I totally agree that many of us forget to live in the HERE and NOW. Even if nothing traumatic from the past prevents us from enjoying the moment, we often can’t stand still and breathe to realize all the positive things we have accomplished. We instead can’t stop thinking and longing for what we haven’t reached yet. Bussi Chris

  • Judith

    Du sprichst mir aus der Seele, liebe Maya. Ein wunderschöner Beitrag und wie wahr – All we have is now!
    Deine Bilder sind wie immer traumhaft!

  • Sarah Wullinger

    Wow wow wow. I am totally speechless. I wanna make this my everyday motto. I can relate to this more than anything right now. The only moments in my life that I’ve really regretted, were not experiencing the people and moments to the fullest. Those moments where I turned to my phone or thought about where I want to be in a year. All those times where I was in the presence of actual beauty, nature and wonderful people are the times I cherish the most in my life. Thank you so much for sharing this. This is probably one of the most inspiring things I’ve read in a long time. I want to read this every day when I wake up…❤️❤️❤️

  • Träumerkatze

    Wundervoll Maya…. wie eben Dein ganzes Wesen ist. Auch ich freue mich jetzt schon auf mehr so tolle Beiträge, wie dieser hier ist, von Dir. Ob es ein Mode-, ein Reise- oder ein Essenbeitrag ist…. egal….. all das bist Du.
    Also lass uns das Gute, Wahre und Schöne ins Leben bringen. ….. JETZT!!!
    “Love you forever.”

  • Maya (author)

    Timo, this coming from YOU means everything! Thank you for your wonderful words and feedback! Truly appreciated ♥︎

  • Maya (author)

    Danke mein lieber Kristoff, freut mich sehr das der Post dir gefällt und vielen Dank für das tolle Kompliment. Wie ich bereits gesagt habe… Äussere Schönheit vergeht, das was bleibt sind die inneren Werte
    Liebste Grüße Xx M.

  • Maya (author)

    Liebe Nina, ich bin total gerührt! Vielen, lieben Dank für diese wunderschönen Worte! Freue mich wirklich sehr, das ich mit diesem doch sehr persönlichen Post dich erreichen konnte… Und es wird auf jedem Fall mehr davon geben in Zukunft, versprochen 😉
    Liebste Grüße
    Maya ♥︎

  • Maya (author)

    Chris, your words are so very much appreciated! Thank you so, so much for your great feedback!!! Absolutely true, I agree!So let’s live life in the NOW and make it bold and unique :-* Take care my love!!

  • Maya (author)

    Liebste Judith,
    ich freue mich so sehr über deine unglaublich lieben Worte! Das bedeutet mir wirklich sehr viel!
    Danke für dein wunderschönes Feedback.
    Dicke Umarmung und aller liebste Grüße ♥︎

  • Maya (author)

    Thank you Rena 🙂 Xo Maya

  • Maya (author)

    Sarah, I’m speachless and beyond grateful for such a wonderful feedback and those beautiful words you wrote! Thank you with all my heart, this truly means sooooo much to me! Knowing that I can inspire amazing women like you, makes me endlessly happy! ❤️ THANK YOU!!! ❤️ xo

  • Maya (author)

    Liebste Träumerkatze, wunderschöne Worte die mitten ins Herz treffen ❤️ Freue mich so sehr über deine lieben Worte! Vielen dank für deine wundervolle Unterstützung und deinen Glauben an mich!Es wir auf jedem Fall schon sehr bald mehr solcher Beiträge geben! bis dahin leben wir im HIER & JETZT und geniessen jeden Augenblick in vollen Zügen meine Liebe.

  • Lena

    Du wonderful human being, so schön und auch berührend geschrieben…
    Mir fällt dazu einer meiner Lieblingssprüche ein 🙂

    Vergangenheit ist Geschickte, Zukunft ist Geheimnis – und jeder Augenblick ein Geschenk.

    Dicker Kuss,
    deine Lenush

  • Maya (author)

    Mega schönes Feedback Lena. DANKE ❤️ Words like this!!! so much appreciated – vielen DANK! Lets make jeden Augenblick zu einem Geschenk und einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis.
    Dicker Kuss back . Xx

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