New in: Sephora beauty buys for dry skin.


So, we all already know that I spend a freakin’ fortune on these new products… BUT, I’ve heard nothing but great things on all of the products I got, so I simply couldn’t wait to get my hands on them, finally. Cooler weather is approaching us and with lower temperatures, often comes dryer skin. My skin tends to dry out very fast and especially during winter time it’s hard for me to keep up with moisturizing and protecting it. I love to be ahead of my skin game and give it all the right hydration it needs, in order to have a glowing look all Fall/Winter season around. So let’s see, if all these babies above will keep up to there promise and are worth the hype…


When looking for a great serum, you’ll want to grab one that’s a hydration concentrate with natural origin hyaluronic acid. That’s what Dior managed to create with it’s Capture YOUTH serum. Your skin is suppose to look and feel visibly plumper while it evens out fine lines and dry skin. + its without Parabens, Sulfates & Phthalates. Sounds pretty damn groovy to me. Tried it on my skin for the last couple of days and really like it so far.


This one is a given. If your skin is feeling dry and you need an extra boost of moisture and hydration, you need to apply a mask from time to time. I love to apply one at least twice a week. This Summer Fridays mask is created by one of my fellow blogger babes Marianna Hewitt, so it’s a no brainer – I had to get this one!!! Super pumped about trying it out. It targets the issue directly and has a slight exfoliation included. Masks have the ability to penetrate deeper into our skin than a lot of other products, so they can def. be a huge help in our skin routine.


The under-eye area dries up very easily, at least for me. It usually happens to be the most sensitive skin area on our faces, so it’s important to take extra care of it. One of my favorite products to use under my eyes are gel patches. I’ve been loving the ones from Annemarie Börlind and been using them religiously, but wanted to give another brand a try. The ones I got from Peter Thomas Roth are suppose to have a cooling, hydrating, and anti-inflammatory effect – so, all at once. Exactly what we need, right?!


Another one which I like to use a lot during the cooler days. A lightweight face oil. It’s kind of hard to find the right one though, because most of the oils are to heavy to wear during day time. The one I got from Herbivore is infused with natural fruit acids and hydrators with a very light texture which absorbs perfectly into the skin.


And last but not least… I know we are talking about dry SKIN here, but we should also take care of our hair right?! This wave spray is suppose to protect your hair from heat without drying it out. To give you effortlessly looking beach waves. So, if you notice a dramatic change on my hair in the next pictures, it’s probably due to this new little guy in the bottle. haha

P.S.: Not pictured my everyday concealer, that I stocked up on. Perfect for the under eye area without drying out while having the best coverage for under eye circles. I always make sure to get a few while I’m in the states. Find my previous very detailed blogpost about my swear by concealers here.

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