aaaaand just like that it’s Maaaaaay… My favorite months of them ALL. Why? Because it’s my birth month, and I am one of those people who loooooves Birthday’s so much. Before I get to today’s outfit, I quickly wanted to share some thoughts with you that came to my mind quite often lately.

We are living in a world of over perfection… Social media, magazines, TV, film … no matter where we turn, we see these wonderful perfect images of people that never seem to age. Working in that industry myself, age regularly is such a secret topic, especially women nowadays don’t want to share their true age anymore. I personally never made a fuss about my age, or had a problem sharing it. Quite the opposite, I’ve always been proud of the days I’ve been living on this planet. BUT, turning 32 in exactly 2 days myself… (YESSSS SO OLD, right?!) Hahahahaha. ;) I must admit, I caught myself thinking about my age a couple times lately… Thought’s like “Am I really THAT old already?”, “Like WTF”… “Where did time go ?” Do I have to worry now?”… and so on! Stupid questions that no one should have in their mind, bc having those thoughts makes us feel bad about ourselfs and that shouldn’t be the case. We should celebrate any stage of life!!! Reminding myself of what’s truly important, I immediately went back to what I have always believed in. DON’T listen to society and most importantly age is just a number! You can be old at 20 and you can be young with 50. It’s the life you put inside!!! I always believed that true beauty shines from the inside out and at this age, like any other, the KEY to TRUE HAPPINESS is to fully embrace WHO WE ARE — to prize what we’ve learned over the years and to appreciate how far we’ve come. So with aging, as with most things in life, ATTITUDE is what counts. Grandma was right: you’re only as old as you feel. So let’s feel great about being 30,40,50,60 and beyond. Let’s even brag about it.


Now since we’ve covered the age thingy, back to today’s OoTD. Today’s outfit was a “kind of serious, not too serious” classy, yet super easy look for a full day of office/agency visits. Love those earthy tones lately. Perfect for a wonderful, warm Spring day

And don’t forget, no matter what age your in,- ROCK IT & OWN IT!!!

Xx Maya



4 comments on Attitude…

  • Nina

    Maya, DANKE! Endlich spricht es mal jemand an… Super schöner Post!!! Kurz und knackig, vorallem motivierend sich nicht von der Gesellschaft oder anderen Menschen bezüglich des Alters Maßregeln zu lassen! Man ist in der Tat so als wie man sich fühlt… ich werde im September 36 und fühle mich wohler denn je!
    Du bist eine wahre Inspiration Maya. Wirklich toll und wie wunderschön du einfach bist. Ob mit 40,50 oder eben jetzt 30 eine wahre Schönheit bist du!
    Aller liebste Grüße Nina 🙂

  • Pierre

    Always pretty and beautiful. Adore your look

  • Sarah

    Omg – I love both looks – so natural, yet sexy and classy at the same time. I feel So inspired now I freaking love you’re sense of fashion and I feeling love you

  • Kristoff

    Ich weiß gar nicht wie lange ich dir schon auf Instagram folge.
    Aber du wirst von Jahr zu Jahr hübscher..

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