Overall obsession.

Every now and then there is a clothing item that I become obsessed with. Growing up in the 90’s overalls already had a big impact on me. Back in the day, it was my mom who dressed me in overalls, because I looked so darn cute in it. 😉 Fast-forward to 2017 it was simply impossible to resist this adorable pair from She In.

They are still just as comfortable as I remember. And while the latest versions are significantly more chic than what we saw in the 90’s, they still remain true to their tomboyish, comfortable roots.

In order to make these look a bit more “adult” I chose to wear a long sleeve top underneath. High heels also help to make overalls a bit more sophisticated. Voilá, ready to go!

Xx Maya ♥︎

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6 comments on Overall obsession.

  • Kristoff

    Ich finde das ja Mega heiß !!!

    Aber du könntest auch alles tragen und es würde an Dir zu einem Highlight werden.

  • Maya (author)

    Hahahhaha “made” mal wieder “my day”, lieben Dank liebster Kristoff. Freue mich natürlich sehr, das dir der Look gefällt :-* DANKE! Xx Maya

  • Ciara

    OMG you look stunning as always! I love this pair of overalls on you – the low back is so flattering! The heels you paired it with look beautiful too.


  • Maya (author)

    Awww Ciara, always the sweetest comments! So glad you like it… Thank you so much my love! Very much appreciated. Xx Maya ♥︎

  • Nina

    Wow!!! Absolut umwerfend. Wunderschön und so natürlich, ich bin neuer Fan von dir liebe Maya.

  • Maya (author)

    Nina, ich freu mich so sehr über deine lieben Worte! Tausend DANK! Das weiss ich sehr zu schätzen <3
    Alles Liebe Xx M.♥︎

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