Relax & Unwind# ME TIME.

We all have those days, where we just wish we could shut down the world for a second. We are inundated with so much pressure day in and day out… – Full time jobs, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping relationships fresh,  that we sometimes forget to take some time for ourselves, to recharge our batteries.

When I really feel like I’ve been pulled in every direction and feel that I am not really connected to myself anymore, I like to go home and simply treat myself with some ME TIME. I feel like the older I get, taking some time for myself becomes more and more important. Disconnecting from the world, even if it’s for one night, became essential to me. It’s like hitting the reset button.


My perfect rebooting night in.

To start off my relaxing night in, first and foremost I turn my phone on airplane mode. For a soothing atmosphere I usually light up my fav scented candle, put on some relaxing zen music & take a loooong bath. Perfect for setting the mood of complete relaxation! Next up, putting on my coziest knit sweater & some warm fuzzy socks. Once I’m all snuggled up in my comfy cloths I love to treat myself to something special. That involves a special chocolate & a warming tea. If you read my 20 facts about me, you know that I’m obsessed with nougat chocolate like no other. Life without chocolate?? –  Impossible!!! I’m pretty sure all women can agree that chocolate can solve most problems.

iChoc “White Nougat Crisp” has been one of my favorite chocolates since I’ve been vegan years ago. Even tho I’m not vegan anymore, I love me some animal free products. It’s creamy, high quality texture melts heavenly on your tongue and gives you that instant feeling of relief… pure bliss.

Sitting in front of my chimney while listening to perfect crackling fire sounds and enjoying my favorite treats – absolute priceless. To me, there seriously is nothing more relaxing than that. Especially during the cold Winter days.

Quiet time for myself, reboots my energy and usually results in better inspiration, more calmness throughout the day, and an overall clearer focus. Treating yourself to a relaxing night in will do wonders!!!

Xx Maya ❤︎


If you love chocolate, or know someone who loves chocolate as much as I do… Make your loved ones a DIY Christmas present with a very special chocolate experience. Buy a variation of iChoc ‘s many flavors: – Almond Orange, Choco Cookie, Super Nut, Classic, White Vanilla, White Nougat Crisp; … & simply mix together your own favorite chocolate goodie bag.

*In friendly collaboration with iChoc.









3 comments on Relax & Unwind# ME TIME.

  • Kristoff


    Das Bild ist der Wahnsinn..!!

  • Nina

    Liebste Maya,
    mal wieder ein unfassbar schöner Post. Ich könnte deine Texte stundenlang lesen irgendwie. Ja und deine Bilder, bei denen brauch ich ja nichts mehr sagen mittlerweile. Einfach wunderschön und Atemberaubend!
    Ich hab die iChoc einmal probiert und fand sie auch echt lecker. Hast du noch eine zweite lieblings Sorte? Da ich nicht sooooo der Nougat fan bin??

    Liebste Grüße Nina

  • Maya (author)

    Vieeeeelen Dank mein liebster Kristoff! Abschalten mit Schoki vorm Kamin ist eben einfach auch absolut entspannend..
    Und von Schokolade kann man doch einfach nie genung bekommen. :-* Hoffe es gab davon reichlich bei dir an Weihnachten! Lg

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