Staycation #Joshua Tree.

As many of you might have seen what we had to go through here in LA lately, I honestly wasn’t in a place of “blogging”. Therefore, I truly apologize for the lack of updates here on the blog. Some people are still being evacuated, others even lost their homes; – nightmare… So truth to be told, it is definitely kind of hard to focus at the moment, but you know me – I always try to make the best out of everything and focus on the positive… So today I’m finally taking the time, to share my wonderful Joshua Tree experience with you guys.


You all know how much I am in love with LA, and that I even call this city my second home. Especially after all what happened, I will never ever take this amazing city for granted, but as I’m living right in the heart of LA (West Hollywood), it does get quite hectic at times. A break from the crazy city life and the lifestyle every now and then is sometimes all you need… As you can imagine my excitement literally went through the roof when my best friend Sarah surprised me with an amazing getaway to Joshua Tree. She planned this for my birthday in May, but since I was in Germany we obviously couldn’t go on this trip, until like 3 weeks ago. On a side note: – words can not describe the gratitude I have for her, not only bc she made this trip happen, more importantly she is the most wonderful human being I’ve ever met, and she always knows exactly how to make me incredibly happy. This gift truly moved me to tears and she is a true blessing in my life!!!

But now, more about our stay!!! From the moment we got to our house (YES, SARAH RENTED AN ENTIRE HOUSE –  just for us … like OMG – freaking awesome right!?), until we left Joshua Tree, it was pure magic. The landscape/nature, the peace & complete silence we got to enjoy during our stay was simply amazing. Some may find it boring – we thought it was absolutely perfect, and exactly what we needed.
Just imagine waking up right in the middle of nowhere…  Surrounded by complete quietness and pure nature, with no-one else but us. It truly felt like being in a dream. As much as I love the big city, many of you know I’m originally from a very small town in Germany, so I’m naturally drawn to places who have a ” home like” feeling. Being able to reconnect with nature, after spending 3 months in the center of LA was just so rewarding. We embraced every single second of it…
We finally got our much needed quality – soulmate time and talked about life and all it’s up’s & down’s – without worrying about a single thing! Of course, lots of wine & cheese included 😉 I don’t know what to tell you anymore other than, we enjoyed every single second of it!


Joshua Tree Travel guide

Where to stay?


Sarah picked the most amazing AirBnB house for us. An entire house just for our self…  I mean… WOW! The property was perfect, – like we had our own little farm, – located only ten minutes from the Joshua Tree National Park, and five minutes from the center of town. From a fire place, to an indoor and outdoor shower & bathtub, a nice patio, and a wonderful cozy indoor interior… We had everything we needed to make our selves some 2 unforgettable days. If you are planning a trip to Joshua Tree, I would definitely recommend doing the same. Try looking for a cool, affordable AirBnB town house around Yucca valley. You will experience the most peaceful moments. PROMISE!












If you prefer to do it the rustic way… Camping is also an option. Joshua Tree is known for several campgrounds. Simply pitch a tent and sleep under the stars the old-fashioned way by camping.



When it comes to selecting the best items for your Joshua Tree vacation. Wear something comfortable and most of all, something you can adjust. It does get very warm during the day, but  super chilly at night. That means, you’ll need a variety of clothes to accommodate day and night activities. Def make sure to bring a sweater or two, and a warm jacket that you can through on when in need. Firm footwear is also highly recommended.

For a desert-chic look, I love the combination of a great boho inspired blouse, a nice – comfortable jeans and some urban boots that take me from day to night – also love bundling up in a cozy blanket while sitting outside by a warm, crackling fire.







Where to eat


There are a couple of cool spots to eat around Joshua Tree, but if I can make a suggestion – The Natural Sisters Café is the place to go to. For breakfast, lunch or a quick dinner. SO GOOD! Open from 7am – 7pm, it provides all healthy/wholesome, nutritious, organic food! Sarah and I both decided to go with a vegan/glutenfree quinoa burger + a small salad, – BOMB ASS! I can highly recommend it, you know one of those places, where vegan burgers actually taste really amazing!



Joshua Tree National Park

Some may call Joshua Tree a journey to spiritual enlightenment. Why? I can’t tell you exactly, but I can for sure tell you that Joshua Tree has it’s own very unique magic going on! No cell phone reception, the most astounding landscape, trees you will never ever see anywhere else in the world, and a silence you have not experienced before, let’s you reconnect to where it all started and somehow is a spiritual journey. Everything else just becomes secondary and the more you let your soul wander you almost feel like you are on a different planet. It is a very unique adventure, that is for sure and definitely unforgettable.


From I-10, take exit 117 for CA Hwy 62 toward 29 Palms/Yucca Valley. This will allow you to access the West Entrance, the North Entrance, Black Rock, and Indian Cove. Take exit 168 off I-10 to come in at the park’s South Entrance. Open 24h a day!

Entrance Fee

$30.00 – for a 7-day vehicle permit.

Wardrobe in the park.

  • Plan your activities in the park ahead. Whether if you go hiking, or quickly step outside of your car to take some snaps of the astounding trees or rocks… The most important thing is having closed-toe shoes on. The landscape is covered in cacti that you can easily step on or brush up against.
  • Also make sure to bring a hat during the summer heat!
  • if you go hiking, a pair of proper hiking boots as the ground in Joshua Tree is full of loose stones and slippery rocks that require shoes with good grip.

Be prepared

  • There is no cell service throughout the entire park.
  • Wether driving or hiking, always bring WATER!!!  Always be sure to have an insulated water bottle on hand to keep you cool and hydrated while you explore.
  • Be aware of snakes, animals in general.

And last but not least. Stop and stare for a while, take it all in and simply enjoy the ride.

5 comments on Staycation #Joshua Tree.

  • Nina

    Endlich wieder etwas Neues!

  • Kristoff

    Unglaublich schön!!!

  • Maya (author)

    Ohhhhhh wie toll, das freut mich total! danke mein bester! <3 Es war wirklich unglaublich schön, wie du es sagst! xx

  • Maya (author)

    Jaaaaa. Freu mich, dass du dich freust! <3 xx

  • Sarah Wullinger

    Wow. This post leaves me speechless. Literally the intime you took to really elaborate on where to go or what to do kn Joshua tree – it’s amazing and you’re amazing. Also, I am moved about what you said about me. I love you so much truly from the bottom of my heart. ❤️

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