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Recipe #White Chocolate Spekulatius mousse.

My obsession for chocolate is no secret anymore. If raw, or processed in freshly baked goods & desserts, – everything chocolate literally calls my name! So obviously, as I am hosting this years Christmas dinner for my family… I somehow wanted to include my beloved chocolate in the menu. Besides my traditional dinner choices, like roasted turkey with red cabbage and dumplings, I wanted to top off our feast with one of those desserts you know, an impressive dessert that everyone will remember. And tatatatatataaaaaaaaa… here it is, – I came up with the most delicious, sweet & creamy,  no…

Recipe #Homemade hot chocolate.

HOT CHOCOLATE, – my favorite thing in the entire world during the holiday season. When the weather outside gets frightful, there’s certainly nothing more delightful than curling up with a homemade hot chocolate. A warm, velvety-smooth mixture of rich cream and dark chocolate. Simply – TO. DIE. FOR. ! Unlike its sweeter cousin, hot cocoa, hot chocolate is an old fashion recipe and a great mixture out of real chocolate and cocoa powder. This awesome homemade treat only requires a few ingredients and only a couple of minutes on the stove top. So let’s get it started…   What you’ll…

The perfect cheese plate for any occasion.

I remember in my early twenties, it was a tragedy not to have anything to do on a Friday night. Nowadays, I absolutely love having a Friday night off, to enjoy an easy girls night at home. We love chatting and catching up over a really good bottle of wine. But no great wine is complete without some food, right?! – aaaaand that’s where the cheese plate comes in. A super tasty and nice looking cheese platter is basically perfect for any occasion. So today, I’ll be sharing some of my tips to round up the most delish plate. It…

Recipe# Guacamole & Chips (vegan friendly)

I don’t know about you but, you can always get me with yummy food. Especially when it’s fresh & homemade. In my last post 20 facts about me I already revealed that I am obsessed with nougat chocolate, when it comes to salty food tho, my guilty pleasure would def. be – Guacamole & Chips. I could eat bowls full of it, at any time. Creamy rich guacamole on a crispy, salty chip is my idea of perfection. It is super easy to make, glutenfree and vegan friendly. And on top of that, these buttery green babies right there are…

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