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Beauty talk: The innovative, advanced face oil.

To me personally, one of the biggest compliments in terms of my work as a blogger is, when brands that I have loved, purchased and used regularly for years approach me to collaborate. My love for Annemarie Börlind products started years ago, to be exact when I was a teenager. It was my mom who bought me my very first face cream due to my very dry and sensitive skin. Today, years later, Annemarie Börlind is still a big part of my everyday skincare routine. For the past 4 weeks I had the privilege to test the new 3 in…

NA-KD in Paris

Hey beauties, today I can finally share my new obsession with you… NA-KD fashion! You may have seen some of my outfits on my Instagram or Snapchat already, but now it’s time to finally talk about these amazing fashion items. I came across NA-KD a while ago on social media and I instantly fell in love with their fashionable, unique style. I mean, my entire wardrobe wishlist in one online store. WOW! Some facts. The delivery: Straight to my door within 2 days. The style: Modern and edgy. The fit: Absolutely on point. The look: Exactly what it looked like…

Detox Delight review

Some of you may have already spotted a little detox-preview on my Instagram, so I thought it’s about time to give you guys a full detailed review on my juice cleanse with Detox Delight. You all know my obsession with food. Eating is just one of my favorite hobbies and I never thought I would give up on it for 3 days. But call me crazy – I HAVE DONE IT. Out of curiosity and because I’ve heard so much about it, I have always wanted to try a juice cleanse and wanted to see how it effects my body…

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