Take care of the skin you are in.

It has always been important to me to take care of my skin not only from the outside, more importantly, from within. I am a strong believer that it is essential for us to feed our ourselves with the right vitamins and nutrients to feel and look our best. But sometimes that alone isn’t enough. As our skin undergoes a natural aging process daily (this is due to decreasing cell renewal, which causes the tissue to sag) we can stimulate this process, by supporting our organism with different nutrients with good availability, to maintain firmness, hydration and elasticity. Good availability?!?!?! YES That’s where “dietary supplements” entering the health game.

Especially since I’m mainly on the go and my skin is exposed to stress due to a hectic schedule from time to time, I love supporting my system with an extra kind of health kick. Basically, I’m always on the look-out and curious about new products.When I first came across Regulatpro® Hyaluron I gotta admit, I was kinda sceptical though... A small hyaluron beauty booster that everyone’s been talking about lately… Some even call it an anti-aging miracle. Well, let’s see…

What exactly is Regulatpro® Hyaluron?

Regulatpro® Hyaluron is an intelligent & innovative luxury for your cells. At least that’s what they call it… A Hyaluronic acid infused beauty drink for a healthier, firmer, radiant, more youthful & glowing skin. The Regulat essence by Dr. Niedermaier originates from a patented cascade fermentation. It’s a fermentation in several steps that splits all ingredients into easily resorbable highly concentrated components. By this cascade fermentation all ingredients lose their allergen potential… Which I think is great + all ingredients are plant based. EVEN BETTER! It also contains a bunch of other important vitamins such as biotin, vitamin C, zinc & copper. Vitamin C to support the immune system and the formation of collagen, essential for firm/youthful skin. Copper, just like vitamin C, it stabilizes the energy balance. Biotin, required for hair, nails, skin, and many other aspects of good health, it contributes to this general anti-aging effect. And zinc, functions as a natural antioxidant and absorbs free radicals, necessary for a beautiful appearance of the skin as well. Both hair and nails benefit from this combination. Studies have even shown that the resorption of the hyaluronic acid in the Regulat essence is 300% better compared to other current products… I mean, OK, wow… that sounds pretty amazing to me!

The hyaluronic acid is also suppose to hit wrinkles and reduce them visibly, while improving skin quality on the entire body as well. Hair and finger nails are supposed to grow stronger. Great for your immune system, it’s also anti-inflammatory, energizing, skin-calming, antioxidant and enzyme-activating. OKAAAAYYY – I’ll take it ALL!!!

Before I get more deeply into my thoughts and whether or not if I think if it’s worth the hype… –  I’d like to share some more facts with you.

Vitamin intake per bottle

One bottle of Regulatpro® Hyaluron contains:

Biotin 45 µg / 90%*
Vitamin C 18 mg / 23%*
Kupfer 0,25 mg / 25%*
Zink 4,6 mg / 46%*

* Percentage of daily suggested requirement

Treatment time

The cells have to be supplied regularly for a lastingly visibly younger skin, therefore, a healing treatment of about six weeks is recommended.

Allergy information

It’s vegan, glutenfree & suitable for people who are suffering from allergies.

After a month

Alright, time to tell you what I think… I’ve been using Regulatpro® Hyaluron for almost 4 weeks now. Every morning, right after getting up, I’ve been drinking one small bottle on an empty stomach. It is suggested to take it for a minimum of 6 weeks as mentioned above, but honestly guys as I already felt benefits I simply couldn’t wait to share them with you.

I’ve never had any major breakouts on my skin, but I suffer from significantly dry skin. What stood out to me the most after just one month of using it?! My skin is not dry anymore… and I am not kidding. My skin feels so much more hydrated and therefore my face looks more alive. It’s super soft and simply feels great. The best part, it did not only affect my face, my entire body seems like it is provided with more moisture. Definitely glowing! Regarding the wrinkles… it is hard for me to tell, I only have super small/fine lines around the eye area, so not much to improve there, but I would def say I look more awake… Fresh and smooth! And lastly, the hair… I think to notice a dramatic difference I would need to take Regulatpro® Hyaluron a bit longer, I’d say another 3-4 weeks to initially tell you whether or not if I notice a big difference… but it was just last week that my mom, whom I haven’t seen for some time now mentioned, that my hair looks super shiny. Uhhhhh yessss, I’ve been waiting for this for so long hahaha, no but seriously can’t tell you if it’s another great benefit attributed to Regulatpro® Hyaluron… But as of now, that’s all I can refer it to as I haven’t changed anything on my haircare routine.

For more optimal results, the dietary supplement can also be combined with a high-quailty cosmetic product for external use. I loved to double up the hyaluronic acid goodness with the Regulat®Magic Mousse. This mousse also contains the potent Regulat essence as well as hyaluronic acid. Both work to keep wrinkles away by rehydrating and plumping the cells. The Regulat essence also helps to carry the hyaluronic acid deeper into the tissue for an inside out hydrating effect. It has the added benefit of anti-oxidants to fend off environmental pollutants and sun damage. Looooooove it on my body, and been using it daily! The scent is a bit strong though, therefore too much for me using it on my face! Just my honest opinion.


And now the question of all questions… Would I purchase it? The answer is YES!

I mean, I got spoiled by Regulat with 3 boxes, – each box includes 20 bottles –  which makes it last for 60 days! But even after my 60 days trial, I will keep on drinking Regulatpro!!! Even if its twice a week, I def want to maintain my results. As of now, I think it had such a wonderful effect on my dry skin, and I’m sure it’s also a great beauty weapon during the colder days! My skin in general (face & body) feels perfectly nourished and glowy. It sure is a bit on the pricier side, to tell you the truth, but worth ALL the hype my friends. I’m super curious and can’t wait to might even spot some more benefits after the final bottles…

Xx Maya

*In friendly collaboration with Regulat ⎪paid partnership.

3 comments on Take care of the skin you are in.

  • Nina

    Super toller und informativer Post Maya! Immer wieder bin ich total begeistert wie du schreibst! Und die Bilder sind megaaaaa schön… Jedenfalls hast du mich total auf den Geschmack gebracht jetzt, werde Regulat garantiert auch testen!
    Danke <3
    Liebste Grüße Nina

  • Sarah Marissa Wullinger

    Beautiful post and beautiful girl. You are a true inspiration and I gladly listen to all the beauty advice you have because you Are simply stunning ❤️

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