The perfect cheese plate for any occasion.

I remember in my early twenties, it was a tragedy not to have anything to do on a Friday night. Nowadays, I absolutely love having a Friday night off, to enjoy an easy girls night at home. We love chatting and catching up over a really good bottle of wine. But no great wine is complete without some food, right?! – aaaaand that’s where the cheese plate comes in. A super tasty and nice looking cheese platter is basically perfect for any occasion.

So today, I’ll be sharing some of my tips to round up the most delish plate. It obviously isn’t an exact recipe, but it’s my method for a cheese plate to please. 😉  Since a lot of my girls are vegetarians, I decided to mainly go for cheese on this platter, added some savory extras & a baguette, but you can totally go crazy on creating your own cheese platter with everything listed below.

For a well-rounded cheese board, simply include at least three types of cheese, two to three savory extras, and some sweet extras plus baguette or gluten free crackers. Even if you are vegan or one of your guests is, don’t panic you don’t have to miss out on the cheese plate fun, there are plenty of nut-based vegan cheese options that you can choose from, at your local grocery store.

What you’ll need

3 assorted cheeses:

  • soft cheese
  • semi-hard cheese
  • hard cheese

Savory extras:

  • olives
  • raw nuts
  • prosciutto
  • salami

Sweet extras:

  • grapes, berries, apricots
  • any kind of dry fruit
  • fig jam
  • honey

I’d suggest to let the cheeses rest on the counter for at least 30 minutes before serving, as it taste totally different at room temperature vs cold.

Most important rule have fun creating it. Don’t stress about having the perfect-looking cheese platter. To me the most inviting ones have casually-arranged ingredients on a clean cutting board. And that’s that.

So whether if you want to create a little snack for your girls night like me, or you are hosting a party, maybe even want to set up a romantic dinner date for your better half… A cheese plate is always the ANSWER.








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