Time to invest in real leather.

If you’d ask me for my number one go-to fashion item, – it would be a great leather jacket. Well, I admittedly have to say, I LOVE everything leather!!! Whether if it’s a great leather jacket, boots or even a beautiful statement bag, I truly have a thing for this soft and smooth material. What I love the absolute most, leather is just so versatile – you can combine it with basically everything, it will take you from season to season and it will truly NEVER ever go out of style.


Finding the right leather pieces can be a huge task sometimes though + it can be very hard on our wallet… and that’s exactly were eBay comes into the game!  I can’t even tell you anymore how many times I scored amazing products on eBay. It has been my personal number one online shopping platform since I first discovered it back in 2005. It offers visionary trendsetters an opportunity to showcase their style at an unbeatable price and whether if you are looking for a limited edition, designer pieces for less, or you simply want to bid on one of  your favorite items and have that 3…2…1… YOURS feeling  –  No matter what you are looking for, eBay has it all and always offers great deals which you can shop from at any given time.


Such as my trusted leather jacket and even my beloved Chanel bag that I’m wearing today. Both are secondhand + real leather and the best part, I scored them at a fraction of the original price with an absolute incredible fit and in a great condition. Pretty amazing right?! So don’t forget to get winter ready and stock up on some classic leather pieces via eBay fashion on your next digital shopping spree.


oh and did you know? 80% of the eBay sales are brand-new items, 88% of items sold on eBay are “buy now” with no bidding necessary + the platform offers more than 1 billion items 24/7 – 365 day a year. Jackpot if you ask me!

*This post is sponsored by eBay.

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